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Incident in a Rose Garden

By: Donald Justice

Ahmed Hussain

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Incident in a Rose Garden

Incident in a Rose Garden -Donald Justice Analysis Characters The
Gardener Death The Master Stanza by Stanza Theme Meaning Donald Justice The End Sound Devices By: Ahmed and Jenna Simile- "thin as a scythe" To live life like it is your last, because life is to short to worry about little things. *suffered from osteomyelitis
*was a successful play writer
*was also a music writer (1925-2004) Tone: Tone: stern and bold.
He thought he was better than everyone, including death. Tone: To live life to the fullest because you never know when death is around the corner, but this doesn't mean you have to as view death as a burden, you can see death as the pain reliever of life. Very anxious, fearful, and nervous. Oxymoron- "Pale glow" Literary Devices Irony - "Sir, I encountered Death
Just now among the roses." calm and patient but still
intimidating Repetition- "He had his black coat on,Black gloves, a broad black hat." First Stanza:
The gardener encounters death Second Stanza:
Death and the master begin to talk Third Stanza: Death tells the master he has come for him
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