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Simple, Compound, Complex, Compound-complex sentences

This is a lesson I used to teach my 7th grade Language Arts class.

Kyle Raleigh

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Simple, Compound, Complex, Compound-complex sentences

Complex, Compound-Complex Sentences Simple, Compound Simple Sentences A simple sentence has one independent clause with a subject and verb/verbs.. Compound Sentences Compound sentences contain two independent clauses. Meaning they can be broken apart to make two simple sentences. Complex Sentences Complex sentences contain one independent clause and one dependent clause. A dependent clause is a clause that cannot be a sentence by itself. Some students like to study in the mornings. Juan and Arthur play football every afternoon. I tried to speak Spanish, and my friend tried to speak English. Billy played football, so Maria went shopping. The teacher returned the homework after he noticed the error. Dustin and Noah went to the movies after they finished studying. A compound-complex sentence has two independent clauses and one dependent clause. Compound-Complex Bruno took the desktop computer that he uses at work, and Pauline sits on the beach with her laptop computer, which she connects to the internet with a cellular phone. Write a simple, compound, complex and compound-complex sentence in your notebook. You Try. All Granite Oaks teachers assist students with writing, and they know about sentence patterns and paragraph construction, too. For additional writing assistance, you can make an appointment with your teacher. If you want to type a draft of your paper, you may use one of the computers in either the library or computer lab, or you may bring it home and do it on your own computer. In the end, students will see the benefits of such hard work. after
where For complex sentences look for words like: even
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