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What effect does exercise have on your appetite ?

by jahnali

Marni S

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of What effect does exercise have on your appetite ?

By Jahnali Andrews CAC Does Exercise have an effect on your appetite? What effect does exercise have on your appetite? What Is Appetite? Appetite is a craving of thirst or hunger that your body needs to be satisfied. Your body tells you when you need a drink or something to eat as you will feel your stomach turn or your throat dry up. Yes Exercise has an effect on your appetite. In fact it Increases your appetite. Your appetite is increased by your body temperature, the intensity of your work out and weather your male or female. Even though Exercise affects our appetite we should still do lots of exercise and eat the right amount of food and drink lots of water, to be healthy and happy. Conclusion Thank you very much for watching and listening to my presentation
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