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Monday May 22nd 2017

No description

Colby Hawkins

on 22 May 2017

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Transcript of Monday May 22nd 2017

- H. Eyring
"If you are on the right path, it will always be uphill."
Congratulations on your 1st Place Superior Rating for Treble Voiced Middle School Choirs!!!!!!
Vote for Pop's Song
Using a phone or chromebook, please go to www.socrative.com and enter the room # 'vacavillechoirs.' Wait patiently for further instructions.
Vocal Warm Up focusing on singing with healthy airflow (ladies, please continue working on mixing the right amount of head and chest voice in your sound, depending on how high or low you're singing.
1. Altos, please use the keyboard in the back right and sing the song 3x, never stopping.
Sopranos, please gather around the white piano and sing the song through 3x, without stopping, and ensuring each singer uses her fully voice.
Men, please use the keyboard by the class entrance. Sing through the song 3x while J sings bass and R&A sing tenor.
I will work on having your song choice for Pops tomorrow for you.
Finish free mini-voice lessons .
Please set a reminder: Homework tonight - Prepare to perform 16m. solo in class tomorrow, Tues 5/23 for your
quiz grade. A = expressive face, body, and eyes. Evident that the mini-voice lesson topic was practiced at home. Notes and rhythm are memorized.
Please write down each name, song title, and
vocal goal chosen by each student as work with me.
Water break for 5 minutes
Rehearse together/continue
solo auditions
Congratulations for earning BEST OVERALL
Listen to your performances
While listening to your judges' comments, please write down any that stick out to you to share with the class later today.
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