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Students as Stakeholders

Giving students a voice

traci fox

on 29 June 2010

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Transcript of Students as Stakeholders

Students as Stakeholders Symposium Presenters included:

Brady Johnson, I-SS Superintendent
Kenston Griffin, Dream Builders Communications
Troy Russell,
Livingstone College
Michael Lane, Gear Up NC
Richard "Stick" Williams, Duke Energy
Costi Kutteh, Mayor of Statesville
David Bradley, President, Statesville Chamber of Commerce SHS SIP Goal: Graduation Rate
SHS Graduation rate will increases from 79.7% to 80.0% by 2011
Get more parents involved.
Have time to earn a credit posted all year
Parent contact is continuous
When teachers see problems, refer to SAP
We believe freshmen must be encouraged from the start to begin being successful. In order to ensure success, senior mentors need to become more involved in their freshman homeroom
Have a program at the end of each semester that recognizes freshmen who pass.
SHS Principal Larry Rogers I-SS Student Leaders from all
district high schools. Costi Kutteh,
Mayor of Statesville Michael Lane,
Gear Up NC David Bradley,
President, Statesville Chamber of Commerce Richard Williams,
Duke Energy Superintendent Brady Johnson with Student Body Pres. Mary Claire Spencer Group of SHS Student Leaders SHS Student Council Members Mary Claire Spencer and Azul Zapata. I-SS Symposium Guest Speakers full day rather than 1/2 days
utilize student feedback earlier in the year
more staff-student partnership in creating SIP deployment plan action steps
Involve students who are "peer group" leaders
do meetings earlier in semester to have higher impact on SIP goals through student suggestions
incorporate more students on goal teams with teachers
Purpose for today:
to share the story of the empowerment of SHS students as stakeholders

Outcome for today:
to provide a framework for empowering student leaders at your school Our story focuses on
the POWER of
RELATIONSHIPS In the beginning: I-SS District Symposium Purpose:
Provide identified student leaders in each high school an opportunity to hear from key community leaders on what it means to be a 21st century leader

The Framework:
1/2 day meeting at SHS
approx. 125 HS students
Community, city leaders spoke to students in a whole group setting on topics such as
-characteristics of a positive
-post graduation life
-funding for college
SHS student leaders escorted guest speakers to identified classrooms for interaction with students
The SHS Student
Leadership Model: who ARE the students leaders? The Framework:

1/2 day meeting
3 meetings in the fall, 2 in the spring
meetings led by student council
focused on SIP goals and problems
identified by student leaders
worked in collaborative teams to create list of solutions, actions steps to address goals, problems
gave feedback on the meeting (content and process)
presented suggestions to Mr.Rogers
presented suggestions to SHS staff The 2010-11
District Symposium Future Vision Breakout sessions for student collaboration on identified issues
Sharing of strategies for similar school issues
Shared student leadership within the symposium sessions
A report out session from each high school to share the day's work it's free it's not a program anyone can do it Student Council Members
Club Presidents
positive student leaders chosen by staff 2004: little to no student input
began with 1 day meetings to look at school constitution
then began asking students for input on operational issues, like cleanliness of the cafeteria We asked for feedback from student leaders, and they asked for:
1/2 day meetings so they would not miss a full day of instruction
more input on meaningful topics

So, we
put their meetings on our Early Release Days. (Students attend school from 8 a.m.- 12 p.m. and classes are shortened.)
aligned their work with our School Improvement Plan goals
Student Council motto:
"SFPC ": Students for Positive Change with the new model at SHS led to a new idea . . . this with the other district high schools? The 2010-11 SHS
Student Leadership Model: How can we improve? Where do we go from here? Mr. Rogers presented the idea to district high school principals
Each principal identified up to 25 student leaders to send to the I-SS District Symposium held at SHS on March 16, 2010 More suggestions and results from SHS student leaders Sr. Mentors assist freshmen with Advisor-Advisee curriculum
Student Tutors at Saturday Academy
In School Suspension Student Motivation Cards
HITS (Highly Intelligent Talented Students) program
Cards placed in ISS in Nov. 2009
Before cards (Aug.-Nov.):
avg. of 258 incidents/month
After cards (Dec. - June):
avg. of 165 incidents/month SUCCESS WHY NOT SHARE SO one body--one voice mini-family evaluation forms the invisible student USING their
Increased club involvement EARLY in year: encourage club sign up at Open House in August; involve parents and students
Possible implemention of lunch detention idea
JUMP START in July as transition: opportunity for struggling 8th grade students to receive self-help, organizational, time management and study skills prior to 9th grade; mini-course in successful behavior modifications and positive choices
Parent Involvement: brochure for parents to encourage increased involvement in their child's school activities

Expected Outcome of Student Leadership Model: NEXT STEPS based on
LISTENING to student input: SIP 21st century leaders lunch detention peer leaders can make a difference making a change if we just listen the power of Resources Available: Questions? http://statesvillehighschool.pbworks.com/ Increased number of senior mentors (was 25, now 40)
Bootcamp: thru Gear Up NC; an outline of month-by-month check-off of activities that seniors should complete in order to prepare for post-graduation life
partnership with VPAC students in leadership meetings, activities, performances
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