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3rd Annual Eastern District Reunion Classic

No description

Willie Ward III

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of 3rd Annual Eastern District Reunion Classic

3rd Annual Eastern District Reunion Classic Planning Presentation 3rd Annual Eastern
District Reunion Classic Ben Finney
George Degroat
Deshawn Green Prospective Team
Point of Contacts Last Year's Event Last year's Back-to-School Drive was in its second installment along with the tournament. The drive experienced decent contributions in the form of schools supplies and monetary donations.

With respects to the June kickoff, the drive did well during the weekend of the tournament and it was a great foundation for what lead up to the community day organized by Ms. Raven Ravell. Some of the highlights of the drive are listed below:

Community Day: August 14, 2012
Community of Choice: Lambert's Point/Park Place
Event Sponsors: Wawa
Event Contacts: Raven Revell & Cheria Brickhouse Back to School Drive Kickoff Aqua Lounge
Hosted By:Soulful Ent. Party Prospects 3rd Annual EDRC Tournament Schedule Willie Ward
Chris McEachin
Kendrix Brown Antoine Perry
Brandon Plummer
Addias Arrington Kiah Thomas
Bryan Ayala
Kendrick Easley Kasheem "Pee-Wee" Davis Demeatrius Buie
Prince Parker Travis McClenney
Ricky Grant Yogi
Man-Man Johnson
Brandon Harrison Lola's
Hosted By:Woods,Raven,Ward Promo Video #1 Function of the Funnel Gettin' Better Basketball Soulful Entertainment 1st Annual
Beach District Reunion Classic General Advertisement Community Engagement Back to School Community Day Last Year's Event Summary

Date: August 8th, 2012
Location: Lambert's Point Recreation Center
Community of Choice: Lambert's Point/Park Place

EDRC will serve as the initial kickoff for the back to school drive that could have 3-5 functions contributing to the cause including (1) Gettin' Better Basketball camps, (2) a possible Beach District Reunion Classic, (3) a Gettin' Better Basketball Back to School Camp, and (4) any event organized by Ms. Revell and the community of choice for this year. After-Party Prospect

Who: Soulful Entertainment

Point of Contact: C.J. Clemons

Friday, June 21,2013
Party will be after the tournament's kickoff night.

Benefits: The tournament's anticipated attendance can also double as a mature crowd base and suitable ambiance provided by Aqua Lounge. The endeavor will also benefit from on-premise marketing.

Could sell tickets at the game including V.I.P. packages and etc. Why: Mirroring the turnout and interest in the Eastern District Reunion Classic this is a perfect time to host the same type of event in the Virginia Beach area.

What: A reunion tournament to parallel the Eastern District Reunion Classic.

Organizer: C.J. Clemons

Timeline: Mid to Late July

Location: Green Run or Bayside Back to School Basketball Camp

Extra Purpose: The camp will also serve as a drop off point for school supplies for the community day organized by Ms. Raven Revell

Possible Time: Early-August to precede the community day and distribution drive Based on the collective efforts various networking and marketing activities can occur because of the event.

Sponsors are able to emphasis brand management because of the on-premise promotion. In its third iteration, the EDRC is not only a time to come out and see old friends, classmates, and family, but it is also a time to give back to the community and allow future generations and individuals in the community see something positive that was organized by products of the community and city of Norfolk and surrounding areas. An event such as the Eastern District Reunion Classic can create positive externalities for those involved because of the many interrelationships. A New Wrinkle in the Fold: This year the Eastern District Reunion Classic will take a different approach than one used in year's past.

The tournament will scale down and be single elimination instead of double elimination. This was done in respects to the tournament's scale, the associated costs, and because of opinions expressed by tournament participants in years past. Last year's tournament concluded with a all-star game between the Eastern District and Beach District. The game ended with the Eastern all-stars as the victors. This year to help expedite the creation of other reunion tournaments.

This year has planning to include all-star teams from all of the district's in South Hampton Roads and the Peninsula.

A hope is that every team is coached or graced by the presence of a former star from the school or professional player from the district. This would aide the EDRC's exposure and the tourney can serve as a platform for similar district tournaments. The 2nd Annual Eastern District Reunion Classic was held on June 16-June 18 at Maury High School.

The second installment of the tournament went well and some of the events highlights are below:

Host: Coach E
Music By: DJ E Biggs
After-Party: BYOB @ Janaf Bingo Center

Tournament Winner: Norcom Varsity Alumni
Tournament Runner-Up: Norview Varsity Alumni
Tournament Additions: Beach vs. Eastern District Event Flyer
#2 Event Flyer
#1 The Individual Marketing Channel Instagram Twitter Facebook Event Marketing & Exposure 3rd Annual EDRC Event Page
Event Administrators @EDRClassic
Account Information
User: @EDRClassic
Pass: Hastag Event
#EasternDistrictReunionClassic "Word of Mouth" What: After hosting the 1st Annual Kids & Community Day the interest in the training services of Coach Jermaine Woods will be rewarded because of his philanthropic endeavors.

Sponsor: Gettin' Better Basketball
Place: Lakewood Park
Date: Sunday, June 23, 2013
Time: 1pm-5pm All-Star Teams
Points of Contact
Possible Celebrity Guests Team Coach: Rob Hill Sr.

Possible Celebrity Guests:
Mike Scott
Ras I Dowling All-Star Team
Prospective Points of Contact Peninsula District All-Stars Eastern District All-Stars Beach District All-Stars Team Coach: C.J. Clemons

Possible Celebrity Guests:
Percy Harvin
Plaxico Burress Team Coach: Jermaine Woods

Possible Celebrity Guests:
Kam Chancellor
Vernon Macklin Team Coach: Sherron Childress

Possible Celebrity Guests:
Tyrod Taylor (Kam, Sherron)
Allen Iverson (Kim, AI Camp) Southeastern District All-Stars Sponsorship Hosted By: Ms_Norfolk
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