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Using Technology with Youth Groups

This will show some of the many uses of blogs and Google apps.

Kevin Fancher

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Using Technology with Youth Groups

Technology you use now. (don't worry, we won't get to everything in this training.) Technology that's available to you! Just a couple of really good ones!
Like... Create and manage your own personal calendar from any computer connected to the internet! Sync your
Google Calendar
to your smartphone
or tablet. Create and sync multiple calendars "Embed" a calendar into a webpage, allow others to sync it to their account. "Sync?" "Embed?"
What does it all mean? Don't worry, I'll show you. Now, let's take a look at the other main technology we will be using during this training. Read and comment on blog posts Follow blogs via email and RSS feed Write posts on your own blog Contribute original posts to the youth fellowship blog Use categories and tags to help sort blog posts Interact
with youth via blog posts and comments Connect with our youth group members outside of group events. Using Google and WordPress, we will be able to... Professional Development Training with Google and WordPress Kevin Fancher email cell phone copier scanner YouTube social networks facebook twitter edmodo LinkedIn Podcasting Web 2.0 Pinterest StumbleUpon SMARTboard Skype google+
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