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Liam Tr

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Neymar

By: Liam Troddyn
March 5, 2014
Who is Neymar?
Neymar was 17 when he made his first debut for Santos. Neymar's father pushed him to play soccer at the age of 9,when Neymar was 10 years old he left Mogi das Cruzes to play for the youth soccer team at Santos FC, a very popular and famous soccer club in Brazil. Videos of Neymars skills with the ball were shown on major T.V. stations and he soon recieved a salary from the club.
Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, Born: February 5, 1992
Neymar, Born: February 5, 1992
Neymar is a very famous and known soccer player. Neymar has played for 3 different teams, Barcelona, Santos FC, and Brazil. When he played for Santos FC he made 7 million EUR in 2013. He is currently a spokesperson for companies as well as European Soccer Clubs.
Neymar had many obstacles
such as attention and his salary. Salary was a big problem because his teamates parents were mad that Neymar made lots of money and they children made little. In 2006 when Neymar was 14 he got invited to Real Madrid, a very famous soccer team in Spain, after a week, Neymar wasn't eating right, he missed rice and beans so he returned to Santos FC.
Making a Debut

Individual Titles
Neymar has won many titles as a soccer player. His first title, he was chosen the best young player of the São Paulo State Championship in 2009. His second title was the following year and he was chosen the MVP (Most Valuable PLayer) of the same tournament. In 2010 he was chosen MVP for the Brazilian National Championship, given by the Brazilian Football Confederation. In 2011 he did that again and won the "Bola de Ouro" (Golden Ball), an award given by the most popular magizine in Brazil,
. Neymar was also awarded MVP of the Americas by the Uruguayan newspaper and the best young player in the world by
World Soccer
By: Liam Troddyn
In 2011 Neymar had to begin to take some responsibility, Neymar was on and off the field. Paulo Henrique Ganso was still recovering from his injuries, Santos needed its star to do better than ever before if the club wanted to revive the Pelé era and capture the Copa Libertadores. Neymar started to take responsibility and lead the team. There was confidence on the player, Mano Menezes called him to play for the national team in a friendly game against Scotland in January 2011. Neymar played very well with his return to the national team. He scored both of Brazil's goals leading them to victory with 2-0. The way Neymar played was how he wanted to be remembered in his international career.
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