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Computer Engineering

No description

Martez Coleman

on 28 July 2015

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Transcript of Computer Engineering

Name: Martez Coleman
Year: Junior
Hometown: Flint, MI
Major: Computer Engineering

Who Am I?
Computer Engineering
An Engineer that researches, designs, and develops computer models.

They work with developers to ensure their computer equipment works correctly with the latest software developments.
PHY 145: University Physics I
What is a Computer Engineer?
Computer Hardware Engineer

EGR 190: Intro to Circuits
What Courses are Needed?
EGR 390: Computer system designs using HDL
Job description: They build the parts of the computers that you can touch

Average Salary:
Why are Computer Engineers Important?
EGR 371- Robotics & Automation
EGR 120: Introduction to Engineering
Job Description:
Change existing software to correct errors, make it fit to new hardware and improve performance

Design and make software systems, using scientific studies and mathematics.

Average salary:

Career Outlook 2012-2022: +22%

What are some computer engineering careers?
Activity #1:
Puff Mobile
Computer Software Engineer

They write software for computers
They build computers
Make video game consoles

4 year Bachelor's degree
Where can I work?
Career Outlook 2012-2022: +7%
What is a Computer engineer?
Why are computer engineers important?
What are some computer engineering careers?
Activity #2:
Magic Squares

Computer Engineering Importance Discussion
Apple Computer Software Engineer
Average salary of $126,000
Cash bonus: $11,000
Stock bonus: $26,000
Commission Sharing: $10,000
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