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No description

Gizem Akyil

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Resume

There is always more to one's
professional path than
a CV can tell... GIZEM AKYIL... This is the end of a brief, yet hopefully more entertaining journey to Gizem's professional development.
Please contact Gizem Akyil on info@gizemakyil.co.uk
0784 554 9619 ...is an experienced Consultant, Project and Event Manager.
She holds MA degrees in Human Rights and International Relations, and a BA degree in International Relations.
She was awarded Jean Monnet Scholarship by the European Union in 2008 in the area of Justice, Freedom and Security.
Further to working in various temporary, yet very important roles throughout her studies, Gizem has stepped into professional life in 2007 at Koc University (Istanbul, Turkey) as a Research & Teaching Assistant. Ever since she has worked on media and communication analysis projects, has built external relations for NGOs in international platforms, represented political stance of NGOs and individuals both in domestic and international conferences, prepared legal and political briefings and designed communication strategies.
Gizem has involved in the foundation of the Global Rule of Law Forum, as a Project Manager, developed and managed GRLF's work in the UK, Turkey and the Maldives. December 22-24, 2006 - 3rd Bogazici Convention: “The Roadblocks before Turkey during European Accession Talks” -Participant - Presented the developments and challenges on “Minority Rights and Cultural Rights in Turkey”. EXTRA-CURRICULAR June - July 2005 - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)- External Relations Professional Experience in Turkey Dec. 2008 - May 2009 - UCL Nominal Commitments to Human Rights Project - Research Assistant Professional Experience in the UK AN OVERVIEW
OF GIZEM AKYIL'S PROFESSIONAL LIFE EDUCATION 2003 - 2007 BA in International Relations, Ankara University (TURKEY) 2007 - 2008 MA in International Relations, Koc University (TURKEY) 2008 - 2009 MA in Human Rights, University College London (UK) SKILLS Languages: English (Fluent), French (Intermediate), Turkish (Native) Computing: Microsoft Office (Advance) Project Management: Certificate of Project Cycle Management for NGOs, PRINCE2 (for private and public projects) LET'S START A JOURNEY!.. October 20-23, 2005 - Conference: “Regional In/Security: Redefining Threats and Responses” - Event Assistant - Participated in the organization of a series of academic seminars and presentations, including “Northern Iraq, Kurdish Issue and Turkey” given by William Park of King’s College London. 2005-2007 - International Strategic Research Group - President, Middle East Committee. 2004-2005 - Flying Broom Women’s Organisation - Project & Event Asistant - Contributed to the work of the Flying Broom to raise awareness about gender equality through the inclusion of the public in cultural activities in their everyday lives. Gizem also has a specific interest in cinema, therefore between 2004 and 2007, she:
- joined Flying Broom's annual film festival organisations,
- contributed the work of Ankara Association for Cinema Culture,
- launched Laterna Magico Cinema Magazine and contributed as a columnist and the editor. Student Advocacy Awards:
- February 5-9, 2007 - 3rd Turkey Model United Nations Conference - “Outstanding Delegate Award” in Disarmament Committee
- April 2006 - 6th Galatasaray University Euroforum Conference - “Future European Delegate Award”. March - May 2005 - European Union Research Center - Researcher April 1-June 30, 2006 - Association of International Relations Council - Media Analyst 2005-2007 - Dialogue Project Group - Project Coordinator - Organized various events for "the Connecting Societies" project, in which representatives of different cultures from around the European Union shared the opportunity to discuss different aspects of cultural inclusion. 2004-2005 - Flying Broom Women’s Film Festival - Project & Event Assistant July - August 2007- Human Rights Foundation of Turkey - Project Assistant Sep 2007 - Sept 2008 - Koc University - Teaching & Research Assistant May - Oct 2009 - UCL Institute for Human Rights - Researcher and Event Assistant Nominal Commitment to Human Rights: A Global Survey is the first survey of its kind. It presents a global and comprehensive picture of the state of commitment to human rights through international law. This study was carried out by researchers from University College London’s Department of Political Science under the
guidance of Alice Wyss and Dr Basak Cali. Its aim is to document states’ legal commitment to international treaties concerned with human rights issues, as well as international oversight and judicial mechanisms. For further details, please visit bit.ly/11I5f5q The results of the research have been discussed by a panel of experts from Argentinian Charge d'Affaires and Amnesty International's Head of Social and Cultural rights at an event organised by the Research Team at the University College London. Further detail on this event is available on bit.ly/XS0Tpn Jan 2010 - Present - Metrica Communications Consultancy - Communication Analyst Jan - April 2011 - Kurdish Human Rights Project - Legal Researcher May - August 2011 - Bar Human Rights Committee - Legal Researcher on Blasphemy Laws Across the Commonwealth Project July - August 2011 - Democratic Progress Institute - Project and Events Management Sept 2011 - Present - 4 New Square Chambers - Research Assistant to Can Yeginsu (Barrister) Sep 2011 - Present - Global Rule of Law Forum - Project Manager UCL Institute for Human Rights Between May and October 2009 Gizem was involved in the foundation activities of the UCL Institute for Human Rights as a Researcher and Event Assistant, which led to the launch of the Institute on 15 October 2009, with the event ‘Corporate Social Responsibility & Human Rights: Have Ten Years of Voluntarism Worked?’ Metrica is an expert, award-winning, global media analysis and evaluation company, and has been at the forefront of the media analysis industry since 1992, providing cost-effective solutions to PR planning, evaluation and research requirements. Metrica monitors the most comprehensive list of global media across all channels: press, online, broadcast and social. Gizem has been working for Metrica since early 2010, and has provided expert analysis on its several accounts, such as Skype Global, HSBC Global, Nomura, Ryvita, Virgin Active. The Democratic Progress Institute (DPI) is an independent non-governmental organisation, which was established in consultation with a group of international experts in order to make a difference in the areas of conflict resolution and democratic advancement. Gizem joined DPI's projects in July 2011 in order to provide expert assistance in management of three high profile events with politicians, journalists and stakeholders in London, Edinburgh and Belfast. Global Rule of Law Forum Thanks to a team of determined individuals and as a result of a lot of hard work, GRLF's official launch event, on 10 July 2012 at Getty Images Gallery, has been a success and received a significant support from eminent lawyers, activists, and stakeholders. is an independent law reform organisation devoted to promoting the rule of law globally. GRLF was launched in September 2011 in London, hosted legal experts for its first event at the LSE in November 2011.
In April 2012, GRLF had its first fundraising campaign and raised $25.000 until GRLF's official launch in July 10, 2012. Gizem has been working as a Project Manager at the GRLF since its early days, and has actively worked on its foundation, profile raising activities, social media strategies, external communications, project management and event management. www.gizemakyil.co.uk
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