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Da Wise Chicken Newspaper (Issue #2)

No description

Maan Mistry

on 14 April 2017

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Transcript of Da Wise Chicken Newspaper (Issue #2)

Random Fun (at the end of every issue)
By: Pinkie Pie Temmie
By: DaWiseChickenTemmie & Anonymous
Advice Page
Top 5 reasons chickens should be Perezident:
Homework Help:
1. They are very intelligent (they know where to build a wall)
2. They can dance (unlike someone *cough *cough)
3. Chickens can make good bread (read Little red hen for reference)
4. Chickens know the right people to ban from the country (all chicken eaters)
5. Chickens don't have orange faces and bad hair days (*cough *cough trump)
Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Vol 1, No. 2
By: Olivia C.
NEW THIS WEEK: Baking Column
Hoiiii. This is my first “article” and for this newspaper I will be doing a baking column. Every time a new issue comes out there will be a recipe that you can try to bake! YAY. For the first recipe, I will be doing is chocolate chip cookies. It’s a very easy recipe that anyone can do (I hope) So here is:
Preheat your oven to 375 F.
½ cup shortening
½ cup sugar
¼ cup brown sugar
1 egg (sorry to vegans if there are any)
1 tsp vanilla
½ tsp baking soda
1 cup all-purpose flour
¾ tsp salt
1 cup Semi sweet choc. chips
Cream together shortening, sugars, egg & vanilla until light and fluffy. Sift together dry ingredients; stir into creamed mixture, blending well. Add chocolate chips. Drop teaspoons of the mixture two inches apart on a greased cookie sheet. Bake for 10 – 12 minutes. AND THEN YOU EAT.
Also, if you have any recipes you would like to know please ask me and I will try my best to do it.
DaWiseChickenTemmie Newspaper
Weekly Advice From Da Wise Chicken Temmie
Be a crayon in a world of pencils (Read as: Be a Chicken in a world of humans)
By: Da Wise Chicken Temmie
Science Fair:
By: Anonymous Temmie
Tech Advisor
Chickens' opinion on..... Fowl Equality
By: DaWiseChickenTemmie
KFC, Macdonald's and many other fast food restaurants all have something in common. Believe it or not, they kill CHICKENS!!! And did you notice that chickens are usually the only ones harmed? Why can't it be called KFD (Kentucky Fried Duck), huh? Not that we want other birds to share this pain as well. These poor birds suffer everything in the known universe (other than Ebola... maybe), from G.M.O.'s to steroids to death. We aren't accusing
the fast-food restaurants and chicken-farms in the world of committing this atrocity, only the ones that are. This message is specifically targeted for you people. So please, stop drugs and foul inequality, once and for all. Also, killing chickens is actually not a bad thing, since it keeps our food chain balanced. But the way some people are doing it is uncontrolled and unnatural. There are 19 billion chickens out there, and from the day they are born, they are bred to die. Start fowl equality and put an end to foul inequality!
By: Lucas and Rishi
Eastern Confrence GP W L OTL P GF GA Diff L10 STRK
82 47 26 9 103 226 200 26 6-3-1 W1
82 44 28 10 98 212 214 -2 4-4-2 L1
82 44 31 7 95 234 212 22 6-3-1 L2
Maple Leafs
82 40 27 15 95 251 242 9 6-4-0 L1
82 42 30 10 94 234 227 7 8-1-1 W3
Space Inquiry & Survival guide
doodle 4 google
Canada art
Career Presentation
Carnaval Quebec Poster
Last Friday, the grade six Tomken SciTech science fair results were released. Sure, knowing who won is all the excitement, but why did these participants perform the way they did?
Well, first off, the main thing that set the toppers from the rest of the participants was that their project was involved a variety of thinking skills and expanded everyone's knowledge. But even within the champions, there was a wide range. The main feature required once you have the attributes mentioned above is aesthetics.
Now for the results! In third place was myself! I did a project on why mints are cold and chillis are hot. In second place was Ali, doing an impressive project on which milk had the least lactose. And finally, in first, was Rhea, who did a project on which meterial conducted electricity the best (although I could search that up right now... aha, cold silver). Did you notice nobody from 621 won? Big surprise there, eh?. Unfortunately, there was not enough space in the regionals this year, so we could not attend. Anyway, congratulation to this year's winners, and to all the participants. Good luck next year!
On Thursday, the annual Tomken Silver Birch Jeopardy competition was held. In this contest, participants had read 5 silver birch books, make 75 answers and questions based on the them, and then form into teams of 3 or 4. Team 3 (William, Ankur, Austin, and Anthony) cinched first place with more than $13 000 in fake money! Team 1 claims that their buzzer wasn't working, and ended up in second place, despite having this competition previously.
Microsoft and Apple have always been rivals. We always see these to companies rolling out their products with latest technology. Whether it is Windows Hello (face recognition software, iris recognition and fingerprint scanning) or Thunderbolt 3 (Mac’s extra fast download cable). In today’s Tech Advisor we will find out the best of the 2.

MacBook VS PC(Personal Computer)= Hardware…
Both companies excel in creating excellent computer. Here are some key elements. Some Window PCs have a dual 360° hinges and touchscreen. Some PCs like HP Stream have plastic cases.All Macbooks are coloured stainless steel for an amazing finish. That’s why Macbooks have 1 year warranty, while PC’s have a warranty 1 month(Costly PC’s) to 2 years(Cheap PC’s). Also, Macbook pros have storage of 256gb of storage to 512gb. PC’s have 500 gb to about 1TB of storage. Macbooks have 8gb of RAM while PC’s have 4gb-16gb RAM.

MacBook VS PC= Software…
Macbooks run on macOS Sierra and PC’s run Windows 10.In Windows you can the taskbar in fullscreen but to make it fullscreen in macOS the taskbar hides in fullscreen. Another difference is that Windows uses CMD shell while Mac uses Linux shell. If you look closely then you will notice that the user interface command lines are the same. Here’s a very shocking fact… More PC’s get hacked due to their weakness...Registry Editor!!!!

You may be wondering what is registry editor. Well here’s how to get in it(Do not delete anything). Windows Key+R and type in the search box “regedit” and click run. It will ask for admin password and you're good to go! But be careful… this is Windows weakness. If one fragment of the main files you will destroy your laptop and will not function properly or not at all. That is why they get hacked easily. If someone gets their hands on it they can lose all your data and also find all of it. However, it can also be useful. I’ve successfully disabled cortana and turned it into a search box.

I’ve have told the goods and the bads. Now let’s see what you decide…
-Anonymous Temmie 101

Gaming Column
By: Anonymous Temmie

A month ago, Nintendo released their new gaming console called Nintendo Switch. But to you people who want to buy it. Think… is worth it. Let’s go through the pros and cons.

Firstly, the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers may be small, but they are powerful. The are equipped with many sensors that are very, very sensitive. They recognise simple movements and light gestures. They even can recognise when your mouth moves! Another key element is the portability. It can connect to a monitor/tv screen and also be used as a Wii U gamepad. Also the switch use NVIDIA Tegra which is one of the fastest mobile processors.

Well, the console is pretty good but it has drawbacks. First, it is has really good games on but, it only has 36gb of storage. That useless because some games like Zelda and Call of Duty take up 16 gb. Also, the dock is very delicate and gets scratched really easily. Finally it portability is minimized because it only has 6 hours of battery life and games that require more space and processing power go only up to 2-3 hours.
Sports Column (Hockey)
Sports Column (Soccer)
By: Lucas and Rishi
Sports Column (Basketball)
By: Lucas and Rishi
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