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Celebrity Psychoanalysis - Carl Fredricksen

No description

Tanitia Eggert

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Celebrity Psychoanalysis - Carl Fredricksen

CELEBRITY PSYCHOANALYSIS: From Pixar's "UP"... CARL FREDRICKSEN By: Tanitia Eggert GENERAL DESCRIPTION: What is his personality like? Why Carl? he is from my favorite movie, "Up"
he has some obvious issues that would be interesting to analyze Carl is...
stubborn, grouchy, reclusive
organized, likes familiarity; hates change
"stereoypical grouchy old man" What are his obvious issues? Carl is dealing with grief; he is in mourning
He is having a hard time dealing with anger
He cannot accept change PSYCHOANALYSIS: Carl's behaviour is mostly influenced by the death of his wife, Ellie. Carl and Ellie had been inseparable from a young age. They fell in love, and grew old together. Then Ellie became very sick due to her old age. Then she passed away. For an individual to lose the person they have loved, and spent their whole life with, is a very hard thing to deal with. Carl was left to deal with the loss, and like every other human being, his mind used defense mechanisms in order to cope. What defense mechanisms did Carl use? Carl shows signs that he uses repression to cope with Ellie's death. He pushed back the experience, and acts out in different ways (using other defense mechanisms) because of the fact that he refuses to deal with the loss. denial Carl is angry that Ellie died, but because he could not blame it on her old age, he displaced his anger onto others. Carl is shown projecting his anger. Example:
he hits a construction worker with his cane, when the worker hit his mail box (which represents his bond with Ellie) Example:
Carl is portrayed as a grumpy old man
-becomes angry with the construction crew
-he is always frustrated with Russell
-easily angered by little things; for example, becomes irritated when he can't open the door because it's locked Example:
Carl is seen talking to Ellie, even though she is not there
He carries on his usual routine, thinking nothing has changed
He refuses to accept change; for example, he will not sell his house because that would mean moving on with his life Carl seems to be denying the fact that Ellie is no longer around. He cannot come to terms with it. This leads to his battle between his Id, Ego and Superego... THE ID THE EGO THE SUPEREGO In the beginning of the movie, Carl is more Id focused. Due to the fact that Carl is dealing with grief, his Id takes control. when he becomes angry that his mailbox gets knocked over, his Id allows him to act out and hit a construction worker with his cane
because of this action, he must be tested in court
instead of dealing with the problem (above) he decides to run away to Paradise Falls
pessimistic, grouchy; focusing on the negative things Towards the middle of the storyline, Carl transitions into Ego focused. As Carl begins his adventure with Russell, he starts to control his emotions more effectively. he starts to warm up and open up to Russell
Carl starts to enjoy himself more than he had previously
his Ego balances out his anger, so he no longer acts out uncontrollably By the end of the movie, Carl develops the Superego. Carl comes to terms with his loss, and begins to enjoy life again. he spends time with Russell; getting ice cream, etc.
he becomes more positive, open minded, and enjoys the little things Why did Carl act the way he did?
What influenced his behaviour? Psychosexual Development... When he was younger, Carl was fixated in the Oral Stage, as he was dependent on Ellie and was very gullible to her ideas.
CONCLUSIONS: Even though Carl resolved his issues at the end of the movie... there are things he could have done that would have prevented his behaviour
there are things that he needs to continue working on What would have prevented his behaviour? If he had talked to someone about what he was dealing with..
went to counselling on a regular basis
met with a grief counselor, to go through the process of dealing with the loss of a loved one
shared his thoughts and emotions so they wouldn't be pushed back in his mind
allowed himself to let go and move on What does Carl still need to work on? He needs to continue working on letting go and moving on with his life...
go out and meet some new friends, his own age
participate in community activities that get him out of his house
change up his routine
learn to appreciate the little things in life
still cherish the memories he had with Ellie, but not hold on to them so tightly, that there is no room to make new memories repression displacement projection What about psychosexual development? As a senior, Carl grew into the Anal Stage, as he was rigid, stubborn, and obsessed with orderliness. This transition can be arugued as a result from Ellie's death.
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