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Emma: The Video Game

No description

Quiana Grayson

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Emma: The Video Game

EMMA: THE VIDEO GAME cHARACTERS! Emma Mr. George Knightley Harriet Mr. Frank Churchill Jane Fairfax Miss Bates Mr. Elton Mrs. Elton Mr. Woodhouse The Levels Level one:
Emma Woodhouse tries to match another couple, the pair being Harriet Smith and Mr. Elton. Go through Highbury convincing Mr. Elton to marry Harriet Emma Woodhouse sways Harriet Smith from marrying Mr. Martin Travel through Hartfield persuading Harriet against marriage with Mr. Martin Level two: Level Three: Mr. and Mrs. Elton marry forcing Emma to be kind to Mrs. Elton despite her dislike for her behaviour Visit the vicarage and please the expectations of Mrs. Elton, no matter the cost Level Four: OVER TEN LEVELS! After the end of a party, Mr. Elton confesses his love for Emma. She then rejects him continuously Reject Mr. Elton and his superfluous antics until he is aware that he is in the wrong The Goal The goal of EMMA: THE VIDEO GAME is to travel around Highbury as Emma, learning what she has done wrong and making them right
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