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Laura and Emma's owl project

No description

Laura Jarvis

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Laura and Emma's owl project

There are many kinds of
owls for example...the
horned owl,the great
grey owl and the snowy
owl. Owls -The male owl usually does the hunting and brings it back to the female owl who then bites it in to smaller bits and feeds it to the baby owls owl food and pellets mating and eggs In late January the male owl choose where to build his nest. Then he finds a female owl and uses a special call that sounds a bit like a squeaky gate. Next when the female spots him she calls back. Next the owls mate. the female owl then lays an egg. This is a diagram of what owls would usualy eat. these are some pictures of what owls eat... Owls eat many things such as earth worms, snails, house
mice,voles, song birds, salamanders, slugs, caterpillars, beetles,
centipedes,moles and shrew.
since owls can't digest bones they spit up pellets. Pellets come out of the owl's mouth and not the rear.
They are made of digested bones, fur and food. this is a mouse this is a weasle this is a shrew this is a song bird this is a caterpillar this is a vole this is a snail this is a earth worm Abby Jake Jake Abby Jake Abby baby owl owl circle of life
At 1 week old owls are pink, have tiny bits of fluff on it's body, their eyes are closed all the time and are purplish black colour. At 3 weeks old owls opens it's eyes but they're not very pink anymore and the owl gets claws. At week 6 owls get their oval-like shaped face it and starts getting bigger feathers but its still quite fluffy. At 8 weeks they get less fluffy and get more feathers. At week 10 owls start flying branch to branch near the tree that they live in, and have no more fluff except on belly and legs and they taller. At week 12 owls are full-grown, fluf stays on it's legs, all it's feathers are grown and they get dots on their belly. The female owl will lay 3 to 5 eggs. the mother owl would sit on her eggs to keep them warm and safe. When the baby owl gets big enough they will hatch and break the shell. Sometimes the male owl would sit on the eggs while the female owl hunts. owl facts -there are around 200 different tipes of owls -a group af owls is called a parliament -owls have strong talons (claws) that help them catch and kill their prey -owls have big eyes and a flat face -an owl can turn its head up to 270 degrees. -owls are far sighted, so they cant see things too close up -the colour of the owl's feathers help it to camoflauge owl senses week 2 week 3 week 4 week 5 week 6 week 7 week 8 week 9 sight Owls depend on thier
sight mostly when they
fly.this is the most common
way they would hunt.The range
of colour that an owl can see
i greater than us people. touch An owl has incredible sense of touch. Though we have a better sense of touch,
they can feel the tempature change and the wind speed very quikly. smell Olws have a not so good sense
of smell and never had. Though
they did develope it to be a
little bit better. taste owls have almost no sense of taste.Though they
have roufly about 50 to 300 taste buds.But still owls can tase something sweet,sour and bitter tastes but those aren'tin thier food Owls have five
senses. Sight,
and hearing. Hearing Owl hearing is better than peoples hearing
but we hear almost the same things. this
sense also helps them with thier
hunting. And thats our progect!
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