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The Walking Dead

No description

Tyler Frankland

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead
Poster Analysis Cloud Musky weather, resembling misfortune and terror. Showing bad stormy weather is implying that this is not a happy place and the atmosphere surrounding them is filled with sadness and darkness Colours Used In Poster They added in some blue sky to show that the survivors still have a chance of surviving the zombie apocalypse, and they still have faith Black text resembling mystery and suspicion into what is going to happen next The jail guard towers represent where the next few episodes are going to take place. This hints the audience on what is going to happen in this season. Symbols Rick is holding a gun, showing that he has all the power. Rick is now the leader of the pack and has the most strength and keeps the group together The background is an abandoned jail. This is where Rick and the rest of the survivors from the group will be holding down, to protect against the zombies who destroyed their last safe house. Background They used a lot of dark colour, because this show's dark emotion to the background resembling something bad is going to happen. -Rick is standing on top of a flipped bus, appearing to be defending of the jail yard from zombies. Factors Of Influence -The star does have a unique selling point, Rick is standing out and showing that he has all the power and is "untouchable" - In the poster they are promising that the next season is being taken place in a jail. Rick continues to go on a rampage of killing zombies, He is also still the leader and will continue to lead the pack to safety Your attention is grabbed when you see Rick with all the power in his hands. The jail yard in the background and the musky weather resembling what is next to come Factors Of Influence The tag line is very convincing, because it is telling the audience that the group will be facing a "gang war" against other survivors fighting for weapons food and safety Yes this is a good poster, it gives the auidence a lot of information on what is next to come. It says that date of the season return, the background shows where they are going to be for the next while and what is to come. Critical Evaluation It communicates well with the audience because it gives them all the information they need to watch it. This poster is not at all offensive, but it does portray that their will be violence. The Walking Dead
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