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Saving One Direction?

No description

Gilson Moh, Jr.

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of Saving One Direction?

Saving One Direction? (For The Money)
By: Gilson Moh, Jr., Jensen Polderman, Min Soe.
One Direction is on a world tour and is in need of security. Their previous tour had fans sneaking into their hotel rooms disrupting their privacy. This year the band would like better security to ensure their possessions stay private.
One Direction
- Voice Recognition
- Iris Scanning
- Handwriting Identification
Iris scanning
The company, by the name of Celebrity Pro, has taken the job using Biometric security such as:
Voice Biometric
Handwriting Identification
How does it work?
How accurate is it?
Can it be beaten?
Each member in One Direction has a certain voice that corresponds to each song. In order to gain access inside the room the band member has to sing a lyric from any song.
How accurate is it?
How does it work?
Iris scanners are becoming more common in high-security applications because people's eyes are so unique. The chance of mistaking one iris code for another is 1 in 10 to the 78th power.

CCD digital camera uses both visible and near-infrared light to take a clear, high-contrast picture of a person's iris.
The camera takes black and white pictures of your iris.With near-infrared light, a person's pupil is very black, making it easy
for the computer to isolate the pupil
and iris.

- Drugs that dilate your pupils
- Holding up a high-resolution photo the person photo and cut a hole to reveal the faker pupil
- Replica
- Take the person eye out and scan it.

The camera may focus automatically if not use a mirror or audible feedback from the system to ensure correct position. 3 to 10 inches from the camera
-The center of the pupil
- The edge of the pupil
- The edge of the iris
- The eyelids and eyelashes
Which turn into a code
- Too expensive
- Level of light
- Relatively new technology
- Eyelashes, lenses, and anything that would cause a reflection, could all make a scan difficult.
- Be completely still
- Can't force a person to do an iris scan
- Be close to the scanner

How Does It Work?

How Accurate is it?
- http://www.pcworld.com/article/120889/article.html
- http://www.howstuffworks.com/biometrics4.htm
- http://www.explainthatstuff.com/how-iris-scans-work.html
- http://iristech909.blogspot.com/2008/11/disadvantages-of-iris-recognition.html
- http://www.barcode.ro/tutorials/biometrics/signature.html
-VoiceRecognition.ppt (application/vnd.ms-powerpoint) 745.00K

How can it be beaten?
Success Story
Write your signature on tablet
Software recognizes it
Multiple factors taken into account when identifying handwriting:
Hand pressure, angle, movement, and rythem
The voice biometric system is created using the speech recognition which identifies what someone is saying and speaker verification which verifies who the person is.
Two types of voice recognition:

Text-dependent: focuses on what is being said and voice acoustics.

Text-Independent: analysis the voice acoustics and patterns.

Very accurate
Slight differences in signatures but natural motions do not vary greatly
Others can not mimic your natural behavioral patterns easily
1. Analog wave is created using vibrations in the air.
2. Vibrations get converted in to digital data (frequency spectrum)
User needs to consistently write the same way
Ambient environment can effort behavior and distort personal performance
Force the user
Decrypt the biometric
Use tactical sensor films and record natural motions of a user
Spectrum Compares:

-Distinguishes between multiple voices
-Acoustic feature in all humans are different
-Nearly impossible to recreate a voice
Changes that might effect the system
-Change of voice
-Sore throat
-Loss of voice
-Environmental noise
-Microphone signal might not pick up
-Battery run out
During verification process the voice prints are stored as a table of numbers. Each dominant frequency in each segment is expressed as a binary number.
Can it be beaten?
The voice recognition system can be beaten by primarily two ways:
- Recording the voice
- Using the same frequencies

They still work if you have contacts or glasses on. Even a blind person can use it. They also allow more than 200 points of reference for comparison, as opposed to 60 or 70 points in fingerprints.
Fastest, safest, and most accurate biometric there is.
Privacy Issues
24/7 security tech team will monitor information
Private company
Will not disclose data to any outsider
20 years of 100% customer satisfaction
Technology is constantly monitored
The Celebrity Pro is known for their independent text scanner. The company had installed the scanner on the outside recording studio of The Script. One evening all band members were out of town; each got a text explaining access was denied to an unknown identity.
Celebrity Pro's New clients!

Mission Statement
Provide personal security to our clients.
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