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12 Steps to Environmental Integration

This is the overview Prezi for the Special Topics in Environmental Protection series, and highlights the various topics in the series.

RSC Kenya

on 3 May 2016

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Transcript of 12 Steps to Environmental Integration

12 STEPS to Environmental Integration
S: Special
T: Topics in
E: Environmental
P: Protection
The Role of the Environment Specialist in the project cycle
CEAA 2012
How it works

Strategic Environmental Assessment demystified
International Humanitarian Assistance
Extractive Industries
Food Security and Agriculture
Private Sector Development
Environment in policy dialogue
Gender Equality
Content Topic
Not started
Topic Partially Prepared
Topic Prepared
Process Topic
Pulling the knowledge of the region together for better programming
Questions? Comments?
Negotiating for Environment Results
Key to the Topics
An evolving series of presentations to help improve
environmental integration
in programming.
The series aims to make the topics

This Prezi explores the opportunities for environmental integration in health programming, be it in environmental management of vector borne disease, biomedical waste management, or occupational health and safety in extractives
While the education sector is usually environmentally benign, this Prezi looks at upstream and downstream issues in integrating the envioronment in design, construction, operations, and curriculum/content.
When completed, this Prezi will examine the potential for building in environmental dimensions to economic governance, (setting standards, etc.), investing in people (so they have the skills to make environmentally wise decisions), and growing businesses in a sustainable manner.
This Prezi will outline the challenges and opportunities of building environmentally resilient food systems, both for food security and market oriented agriculture. Sustainable resource management for food production is critical
Extractive industries have enormous potential for growth, but also significant potential for negative environmental impacts. This Prezi will look at how environmental considerations can be built into programs to minimize the risk and maximize the benefits to the environment
Women often disproportionately bear the burdens of poor environmental management. This Prezi explores what gender equality dimensions there are to environmental issues, such as fuelwood, water supply and sanitation, and others.
The environment both impacts and is impacted by complex emergencies. Natural disasters can often be mitigated through better environmental management, while people displaced by emergencies often place a heavy burden on natural resources, including fuel and water supplies
Governance programming raises an opportunity to integrate environment into sectors where it is often forgotten. This Prezi explores some specific examples
Everybody has heard of the requirements for SEAs.This Prezi will explore some of the broader opportunities presented by SEAs. How can you use this tool to bring together a broad range of development issues in a strategic manner?
In the context of the Agency Programming Process, what can you ask of your environment specialist? When should they be involved? Where and how do they need to sign off?
Budget 2012 brought about significant changes to Canada's Environmental Assessment Act. What has changed, and what does this mean for your work? What triggers an EA under the new rules? This Prezi will help you answer those questions and more.
Staff in the field are increasingly involved in Policy Dialogue with host governments and other donors. This presents unique opportunities for environmental integration, but how do you actually do that? The Prezi will look at a number of specific scenarios and suggests some options.
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