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Alliance Bible Church 2012-2013 Annual Report

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Heidi Denk

on 12 April 2016

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Transcript of Alliance Bible Church 2012-2013 Annual Report

April 1, 2012 - March 31, 2013
Annual Report missions 7 went on short term "individual" missions trips to such places as: $5,044 was received for Camp Emek Baraka in Bosnia during our Thanksgiving Eve service. 15 Number of years Pastor Bill & Pamela
spent as the Pastoral Care Couple for
France. $180,748 was given to
the Great Commission Fund! Ethiopia France Great Britain Jamaica Peru Taiwan Youth Missions Trip Students who participated: 31 Miles traveled: Dollars raised through support letters: Number of people who financially supported the trip: % of boys who purchased machetes: 2,928 $32,087 401 100% 75 Angel Tree gifts were given to children of prisoners from 40 families. community Approximately 150 "Brown Bag Blessings" were donated throughout the year (bags of groceries) 200+ donations were provided for our Covering of Love drive (for Genesis Bible Church) $6,500 was given through our general fund to: Carenet, Family Sharing, Genesis Bible Church & New Beginnings are Possible. In Fiscal Year 2012-2013, we served no less than 14 families/individuals from our benevolence fund. Our total financial assistance was $34,353, which is $12,648 MORE than what was provided in 2011 (58% increase)! benevolence Celebrating the many
blessings we've enjoyed
this past year! This fiscal year... 6 babies were born 4 children were adopted 7 children were dedicated 50 - 60 children learn more about Jesus in Sunday School 15 - 20 enjoy our nursery
each week 250+ kids attended Summer Adventure Camp;
70% are from outside the church! After 22 years, the nursery enjoyed
a "face lift"! youth Our youth went on 3 retreats this past year
traveling 931.4 miles! Number of sleep talkers? 5 People who forgot
their annoying devices
(ipods, phones, etc.)?
ZERO Number of stitches?
6 Acacia Educational Support Number of students: 72 Number of schools served: 11 Number of hours of mentoring: 919 Students not attending Alliance? 83% Bible Quizzing 710 Number of verses memorized Our A & B teams each ranked 3rd place in the District and we participated in 1 International Invitational(Canada). Young Adults courage Our young adults
not only have fun
together, but they
have a ministry
called Courage... ...where they
spend time
with teens from
Genesis Bible
Church and the
2 have come to
know Christ! Care Team - Donated 160 Gideon Bibles in memory of loved ones from ABC - Provided 40 meals through the meal ministry website (and many more provided by ABC small groups) - Led 2 single moms projects/gifts: Mother's Day family photo portraits & Christmas car maintenance gifts Women in the Word - Served 170 ladies - Enjoyed about 1,600 treats - Drank about 1,800 cups
of coffee - Hosted 22 women's
small groups Connection Team 260 women attended the Christmas Tea 30 uniquely decorated tables were enjoyed 3 individuals wanted to know more about a relationship with Jesus 2/3 of the women were guests! 80 men attended our No Regrets simulcast. There were 2 professions of faith! Gary Geiger completed 5+ years of heading up the Men's Ministry ... and passed the baton on to Steve Robertson. 78 78 pounds of bacon were consumed
during the 3 Man-Up! Breakfasts Mom to Mom hosted "Heart Talk" which included 48 hours of Titus 2 mentoring & discussion. Mom to Mom 225+ have attended Alpha since it began at Alliance in 2008. 59 have attended Alpha at Rockwell this past year. The Brinkman Adventures
launched its first season this past year! To date, approximately 100 radio outlets have aired the Brinkman Adventures! CDs produced? About 15,000 32 people became members 4 people were baptized 82 people attended the
Newcomers Luncheons Our average worship attendance was 458 150 attended the Mission Possible weekend We offered 225 hours of Adult Bible Fellowship instruction Congratulations ... celebrating 35 years! May 7, 1978 - 1st Worship Service This past year ... ...and looking forward to what He has yet in store for us!
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