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The Significance of Holden's Red Hunting Hat

This is a prezi that will show what the red hunting hat may symbolize or represent in Holden's mind.

A.J. Przystawski

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of The Significance of Holden's Red Hunting Hat

Holden's Red Hunting hat can represent Allie Holden's red Hunting Hat can represent childhood. What does Holden's red hunting hat symbolize and why is it important to him The Hunting hat Can Represent Safety The Red Hunting Hat "I Put on this red Hunting Hat that I'd bought that morning.... at a sports store right after I lost those foils. This quote shows the first time Holden puts on his red hunting hat. He buys it right after he disappointed the fencing team by losing their foils at the station. This is really the first time we see the red hunting hat but not the last. In this case I believe that the hunting hat is a way of comforting himself after he failed. "I pulled the peak of my red hunting hat around to the front all of a sudden, for a change. I was getting all nervous all of a sudden. I'm quite a nervous guy." This Quote also shows the significance of the red hunting hat. Holden puts the hat on as soon as he gets nervous and turns it to the peak. Something that at this point in the novel is new to him but later in the novel becomes a normal habit. " I put my red hunting hat on, and turned the peak around the back the way I liked it, and then yelled at the top of my lungs, sleep tight ya morons!" At this point in the book I think Holden Puts on his Red Hunting Hat because he is off on a new journey after he leaves Pency. I think he feels comforted by the hat during a tough moment in his life. We all now know that Holden had a great relationship with his younger brother Allie. But Holden does mention that Allie has fiery red hair and it is no coincidence that Holden's hat is also bright red. Maybe one of the reasons Holden's hat has such a huge significance in his life is because it reminds him of Allie. Allie is really one of the few people in Holden's life that he really respects, and loves. This is one way to think of the red hats significance regarding Holden's brother Allie. In the book Holden has kind of a color system of adulthood, childhood, and in between the two. He especially has a connection with the color red, which in his mind represents childhood. This can also be one of the factors which caused Holden to become so attached to the hat. "Then I took my red hunting hat out of my coat pocket and gave it to her. She likes those crazy hats." By her Holden is referring to Phoebe. I think the reason why he gives her his hat at this point in the book is because he realizes he has to move on and he accepts that he can't hold on to his childhood forever and that Phoebe is the one who should enjoy the moments of her childhood while they still last. I think that at the end of the book when Holden lets Phoebe keep his red Hunting hat he is growing up and accepting his fate. This is very important because I think Holden is trying to make sure that Phoebe doesn't make the same mistakes that he did, and that she cherishes her childhood while it lasts.
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