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05.05 Should Free Trade Be a Goal?

No description

Maggie Bodner

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of 05.05 Should Free Trade Be a Goal?

Photo 2
Free trade is discussed in this picture.
The artist believes that free trade is important and shouldn't be limited. It shows the lions mane being cut to symbolize this.
Commitment to free trade is shown.
I agree with this photo as I also believe free trade is important.
Basing a Policy on Protectionism
To protect American jobs

Discourages unethical practices.
Government policies that restrict international trade, with the intent of protecting local businesses and jobs from foreign competition.
The issue discussed in this picture is free Trade
The creator probably believes that free trade will make America poor.
This viewpoint reflects commitment to protectionism, as they depict their view on free trade as people becoming poor. They probably feel that protectionism will make people more wealthy.
I think that free trade allow the U.S. to become more competitive and innovative
Benefits of Free Trade
Free trade increases access to higher-quality, lower-priced goods.

Free trade drives competitiveness
Should Free Trade Be a Goal?
Maggie Bodner
Photo 1
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