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ATC Wildfire

No description

justice jones

on 2 September 2014

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Transcript of ATC Wildfire

ATC Wildfire
Capitol Area Fire Adapted Community Coalition
Evacuation and Pre-Planning
Determine best strategies for wildfire evacuation for the public,
an agreed upon set of talking points for Pio Group public notification
Criteria for temporary refuge areas and evacuation corridors.
Localized Minimal Impact Suppression Tactics
Fuels Management Focus Group
RX Fire,
Develop a strategy for coordinating prescribed fire efforts across the County.
Facilitate learning exchange and synthesis of knowledge of integrating for WUI considerations into land management plans
Marketing and Outreach
Develop marketing strategies plan for FAC outreach campaign
WUI Code, Policy and Research
Explore need and feasibility of the Wildland Urban Interface building code
Code Next/Imagine Austin Wildfire Input
GIS Focus Group
Utilization and Biomass
Determine what current resources are available and provide recommendations for alternatives utilization or disposal of mitigation byproducts.
Faciitate the distribution of CWPP Geo database. Coordinate the developement of Austin Travis County Wildfire Risk Web viewer to ensure information is avialable to the public and parnters. ATCFIRE
Phase 1
Framework for permanent Wildfire Cooperative
Phase 2
Establishment of initial phase of focus groups to address key issues.
Phase 3
establishment of secondary phase of focus groups
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