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Parts of a computer

No description

Callum Allison

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Parts of a computer

The End ??...
ABC according Deep Blue?

Hard Drive
The hard drive stores
most of the computers
The RAM stores memory
while the computer is running
but if all the memory is full the computer
goes really slow and when you turn the computer off it regains memory
Hi. Im Callum.
Motherboards are the primary source that links your computer processor unit (CPU), your memory, and hardware. Think of the motherboard as the veins of the computer. The CPU is the brain. The brain (CPU) computes data through the veins (motherboard) from your hard drives (storage). The motherboard is also responsible for holding the settings of your computer such as: Time and Date, the type and placement of your hard drive, CR-Rom and so on.
The 4GB RAM costs about £34.00
Parts of a computer
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