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Tanana Library Orientation

Navigating your library

Jared Shucha

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Tanana Library Orientation

Navigating your Library
Welcome to Your Library
You've landed! Let's take a look around...
When Can I Be Here?
The Library is open before school, and after school until 4:15.
You can come at lunch on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays...
What Do I Do Here?
What Do I Need to Get Stuff?
Bring your student ID!
Return your books on time...
and in good shape!
What Can I Get?
by Subject
by Author name
Nonfiction,Biography, and Fiction
Subject's Last Name
Mixed in with
other collections
Manga, Graphic Novels, and Comic Collections
Checkouts: How Many
and for How Long?
*Up to ten books at
a time (five manga/GN).
*Due back in three weeks.
(Some exceptions may apply).
What Can't I do?
Be in the library with nothing to do,
or be disruptive
Be here without a pass or a class.
Bring food or drinks (water is ok, but not at the computers.
Break your computer use agreement
*Use computers
*Find books and read!
*Work quietly in partners or teams
We Are Here to Help You
Reach Your Goals
Ask us questions!
Tanana Library
*Return checked out items to
the book return.
*(Leave items you're not
checking out on the table.)
....and Advisory on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Get to your Library from Anywhere...
eBooks and Audio Books
Databases and Research Guides
Sign in
If you come to the library without your whole class, stop at the front table and sign in.
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