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Functional Reading Activities

No description

christopher cohen

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Functional Reading Activities

U.R. #1
AccuWeather, Inc.. (2013, June 18). AccuWeather.com forecast. East Oregonian, p. A2.
DK Oxford illustrated American dictionary. (1998). New York, NY: Oxford University Press and Dorling Kindersley Publishing, Inc.
Karmel, A. (2005). Mom and me cookbook: Have fun in the kitchen!. New York, NY: DK Publishing, Inc..
Oregon Zoo [Map]. (2013). Retrieved from the Oregon Zoo website: http://www.oregonzoo.org/visit/zoo-map
The National Geographic Society. (2013, July/August). Magazine subscription postcard. National Geographic Little Kids.
F.D. #2
F.D. #1
G.I. #1
F.O.F. #1
Functional Folder Answer Sheet
Name: ____________________________________________________
Folder Code: __________
Set #: __________

Answer #1:

Answer #2:

Answer #3:

Answer Key
Set #1:
Set #2:
Set #3:
Answer Key
Set #1:
1. June 23
2. 5:05 am
3. Saturday
Set #2:
1. 62
2. Umbrella
3. 41
Set #3:
1. the higher the number, the greater
the need for eye and skin protection
2. 8:47 pm - 5:05 am = 15 hrs 42 sec
3. 7.21" - 2.86" = 4.35"
Answer Key
Set #1:
1. volleyball
2. volume
3. vomit
Set #2:
1. void and vomit
2. the scientific study of volcanoes
3. 4
Set #3:
1. plants
2. 4 teams x 6 players = 24 players
3. left forward, right forward, left back,
center back, and server
Answer Key
Set #1:
1. preschoolers -OR- little kids
2. animals
3. buy/order magazine
Set #2:
1. early learning skills
2. polar bears -OR- deer
3. $25
Set #3:
1. check and bill me
2. 4-6 weeks
3. 6 issues
Functional Folder Master List
F.D. #1
Oregon Zoo map
F.D. #2
Recipe for making scrambled eggs
G.I. #1
Local newspaper weather forecast
U.R. #1
Dictionary page
F.O.F. #1
Magazine subscription postcard
Folder Code & Content
Functional Reading Activities
Adrienne Cole
Casandra Harmon
Chris Cohen
David Hunt
June 22, 2013
Instructor Tony Valley
Presented by:
Set #1:

1.What is this a map of?

2. How many areas are there?

3. What color is the primate
Set #2:

1. In which area are the elephants

2. Where can you buy a gift?

3. In which area is the thrill ride?
Set #3:
1. Why is it important not to feed the
animals during your visit to the zoo?

2. Where can you purchase a Zoo Key
when you visit the zoo?

3. Which path would you take to go from
the Africa Rainforest exhibit to the Insect
Set #2:

1. What is the high temperature for
Astoria on Wednesday?

2. Will you want to bring an umbrella or
sunscreen to Seattle?

3. What is the low temperature in Eugene
on Wednesday?
Set #3:

1. What do the numbers on the UV Index mean?

2. How long is the time from when the sun rises
to when the sun sets?

3. In Hermiston, what is the difference between
the amount of percipitation last year to date
and this year to date?
Set #1:


Set #1:

1. What does this recipe make?

2. What do you melt?

3. What do you crack?
Set #2:

1. How many eggs should you use?

2. How many minutes do you cook the

3. In which step do you add salt and
Set #3:

1. How many eggs will you need to serve
four people?

2. What does the mixture look like when
it is done cooking?

3. Why is this recipe called sunny
scrambled eggs?
Set #1:

1. What game starts with a V?

2. What does vol. mean?

3. What is the last V word?
Set #2:

1. What is the first V word and the last
V word on the page?

2. What is volcanology?

3. How many meanings does the word
voluminous have?
Set #3:

1. What type of food does a vole eat?

2. How many total players are on four
volleyball teams?

3. What are the positions on a
volleyball team?
Set #1:

1. Who is this magazine for?

2. What is this magazine about?

3. What is this form for?
Set #2:

1. What does the magazine build?

2. What is one magazine issue about?

3. How much is a 2 year
Set #3:

1. What are two ways to pay for
this magazine?

2. How long does it take to receive your
first magazine issue?

3. How many magazine issues do you get
with a one year subscription?
Answer Key
Set #1:
1. Oregon Zoo
2. 5
3. purple
Set #2:
1. Asia
2. Zoo Store
3. Tiger Plaza
Set #3:
1. your safety and their health, they
have special dietary requirements
2. front gate or any retail location
3. Wildlife Garden Way
Answer Key
Set #1:
1. sunny scrambled eggs
2. butter
3. eggs
Set #2:
1. 2 eggs
2. two minutes
3. step 2
Set #3:
1. 2 x 4 = 8 eggs
2. thickened and looks set
3. bright start to the day -OR- looks like a sun
on plate
When is the moon full?
What time is sunrise?
3. Which day is mostly sunny?
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