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Anxiety and Teen Depression

No description

Suzaan Stoltz

on 26 February 2016

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Transcript of Anxiety and Teen Depression

Anxiety and Teen Depression
Ways to manage sad mood
1. Write feelings down
2. Draw, dance, engage in some creative activity
3. Talk about feelings
4. Do something nice for someone else

Definition: A prolonged feeling of helplessness, hopelessness and sadness

Reactive depression= A response to a stressful event such as a death most times this depression eventually goes away

Major= A medical condition that requires treatment. Can be caused by reactive depression or caused by chemical imbalance in the brain
1. Replace self critical thoughts with supportive ideas
2. start small by smiling, nodding and greeting people
3. Speak in a louder voice
4. Ask open ended questions
5. Have knowledge on current events
6. Practice conversation and positive thinking skills

Symptoms depression
1. Irritables/ restlessness 4. Change in weights
2. Withdrawl from friends 5. Feeling hopeless
3. Change in appetite
Definition: The condition of feeling uneasy or worried about what may happen.

Has both positive and negative results. It can motivate you to work hard and stay alert. Can also hinder performance and make you feel nervous

Symptoms include
1. Feeling of fear or dread
2. Perspiration, trembling, restlessness or muscle tension
3. Rapid heart rate, light headed and shortness of breath
Seeking help
A person should seek help when these feeling begin to interfere with daily activities. When there is an inability from day to day task person needs to find help.
Is this Normal?
These feelings are normal every now and then. Not normal when these feelings are experienced daily for over 2 weeks

How to relieve it?
1. Talking with someone
2. Getting more physical activity
3. Volunteering
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