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iPhone 6 Marketing Plan

No description

Wenxin Chen

on 19 November 2015

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Transcript of iPhone 6 Marketing Plan

Marketing Mix
Competitor Assessment
Marketing Strategy
Company Organization and Control Plan
Contingency Plan
Forecast and Budget
Thank You
iPhone 6
Pre-orders for iPhone 6 in the first 6 hrs in China is 2,000,000. The sales for the iPhone 6 will increase in the forth quarter in 2014 and the first quarter in 2015.
The total sales for iPhone 6 will be 160-170 million globally.
Americas: 70-75 million
China: 40-45 million
European: 30-35 million
Japan: 15-20 million
Apple Doesn't Have a Seasonality
Introduction to New Devices
3rd Quarter
Seasonal Holiday Demand
High Net Sales every 1st Quarter
iPhone 6 Marketing Plan
Group 5

Chart Analysis
Target Market
Teenagers, Entrepreneurs, Corporate Executives, etc.
Built-In Battery
1 day of unit sales for Apple = <20 days of unit sales for Samsung
Customer Service
Physical Customer
Executive Summary

The iPhone 6, which is the sixth installment in their mobile phone series is a breakthrough product that develops the overall marketing plan of Apple’s strategy. Released on September 19, 2014, the iPhone competes with itself to innovate their products into a higher scale. Including a larger screen size and internal hardware modification, the iPhone becomes the mobile phone flagship product. The success of iPhone’s target market comes from the segmentation of different groups and how they all communally benefit from the phone. Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Businessmen and women in general are able to use the iPhone 6 to communicate while traveling. In terms of overall sales globally, Samsung leads the way and Android have a larger role in the smartphone market, but there is no phone in the world right now that outsells the iPhone. The profits that the iPhone rakes in is practically the majority of the mobile phone market. Whatever phone Samsung releases in weeks takes one weekend of pre-orders. The product itself as limited promotion available to a mass media since most efforts are sent as a personalized approach. Price will maintain as a current interval and not drop below profitable points. Finally, the iPhone 6 product is new and top notch in comparison to Samsung. Some strengths that the iPhone has is the iOS 8. The operating system of Apple iPhone is a respected mobile platform because of its flexibility and speed. The user interface is fantastic, and once you use an iPhone, people get addicted to its ease of use. Another strength would be the customer service including apple care. There are various support for any sort of repair or service. Screen damage, battery malfunctions, and other repairs are available to be brought to retail stores for repairs. In terms of threats, the Android and Samsung are its biggest competitors. Customer service will be the main focus since the iPhone 6 such as Apple Care. In order to make a sufficient marketing budget, Apple’s forecast should include the focus on increasing the response rate of the problem issues and the customer feedback survey. The more information they collect the better the product will be. And people would enjoy the service along with the product.
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