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Wabash College

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Transcript of Wabash College

Wabash College
Liberal Arts
10 % Med School
20 % Grad School
31% Business
9% Gov. and Teaching
30% Various other positions
1 in 8 Wabash Men end up Head or CEO of their company

Following Graduation
Allocates more than $400,000 to fund student activities
Student lead and run
Builds leadership skills, expands talents, and connects students
This year marks its 96th year of governing our college
Every student can participate in or be a leader of any club of interest
We offer more than 70 student led clubs
Our clubs are both diverse and engaging
Alumni engage in the community by rejoining their former sports and clubs
Return of the old sons of our school
We welcome home the alumni who return to relive their memories
Both alumni and current students sing our 'Old Fight Song' as a symbol of unity
We compete during our homecoming events with and against each other further developing alumni/student camaraderie
What do we offer you?
22 majors and minors
Various areas of concentration
A dual degree program in engineering
Pre-professional programs in business, law, and medicine.
What do you want to do?
How do we rank?
2014 edition of Best Colleges ranks us as one of the top colleges in the nation.
Achieved through students' expected academic excellence
Students from our Summer Institute in Mathematics have won the "Outstanding Poster Award" distinction at the national Joint Mathematics Meetings multiple times over recent years.
MANY MORE AT : http://www.wabash.edu/academics/research/
Funnel to SUCCESS
Here you can...
Discover what you are passionate about
Become involved in various activities that utilize your talents
Try new things unitl you really know what is best for you
Go to our Career Services
Princeton Review indicates that our Career Services is ranked 6th in USA based on "Student Satisfaction".
Make yourself unique!
Create a Resume with our distinctive style
Start freshman year for an intensive search and fulfilling future
Do internships anywhere in the world
Remain connected with alumni and seek their guidance on your career path
Decide which career path you are passionate about
Become a LEADER
What do you want to do in life?
Get advice from Career Services.
Get to know more about career test drives, internships, graduate school, fellowships and other opportunities
70% complete at least one internship experience; 15% complete three or more
We can make things happen
Our fight song

Longest fight song in the nation
The background song is our fight song and was sung by the then-current and alumni Glee Club members at the 2007 Glee Club Reunion.
19 programs sponsored around the world by the Great Lakes College Association
Apply independently to the college that best fits you
Half of our junior class studies off campus
They have their own host families
They travel on holidays
They get exposed to a whole new world
Study in China
Study in New Zealand
Ben Cook says "needing to use Chinese throughout my daily life has improved my Chinese language ability."
Want to improve your chinese skills and learn more about China? Study there.
"New Zealanders, called Kiwis, are very courteous and friendly," John Decker ’14
Collaborate with faculty on innovative projects
Gain presentation experience during our
campus wide research conference
Achievements in Research
Jacob Owens ’14 displays his research during the Neuroscience Conference
Research independently?
Work collaboratively with faculty?
Photo: Chapel Sing by Howard Hewitt September 18, 2013
Work hard and you can get your own
projects funded
College where
we live under one Code of Conduct:

The student is expected to conduct himself at all times, both on and off campus, as a gentleman and a responsible citizen

The four

of our college
We are innovative in the way we interact with the community
We are serious about bringing positive change to the community
WABASH Day: Walk the streets to help others — from Washington, D.C., to Northern California and all points between.
Choose from over 140 countries.
Costs are covered.
Students are continually challenged to be "seriously creative"
We are not "all work and no play"
We are the only North Coast Athletic Conference team to claim five conference championships in a calendar year
80% of men compete in intramural or four sports clubs
Our college and DePauw College have the oldest college rivalry west of the Mississipi River.
A rivalry that our football team leads 57-53-9!
We have more than 20 sports on campus!

Visit our athletics website to learn more:
Ranked fourth in "Best Athletic Facilities" in the Princeton Review's 2012 Best 376 Colleges guide
Graduates settled within four months of graduation
We, the Little Giants, are
Loren Pope, in his book "Colleges That Change Lives" states:
"They (our men) go on to become high achievers and contributors to society at a rate that puts very selective and famous colleges to shame"
After four years of intense training and expereince, you know what you like
So, go grab your dream graduate school or job!
“If it is to be, it’s up to me,"
-Caleb Anthony Parker

1 out of 8 alumni hold title of CEO or president
Always ready to offer internships and help us find jobs
Easy to find them from the online database
47% of alumni who are on LinkedIn are also members of the LinkedIn Wabash College Alumni group
Dedication and loyalty of our alumni
Alumni Chapel sing 2013
One of them is
The new CEO of Lafayette [Louisiana] General Health
Jared Stark
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