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Cod Map Project

By: Dean, Nate, Napoleon, Naomi, Lindsay, Claire

Claire Bunn

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Cod Map Project

John Smith, 1606 Columbus' Journey, 1492 AFRICA Slave Triangle Trade Cod Map By: Lindsay, Napoleon, Dean, Naomi, Nate, and Claire The Basques in America 13-1400s Came secretly for cod,
made huge profit from
selling to Europeans Cape Cod Came to start Jamestown settlement,
found cod and gave Cape Cod its name. 1000's Newfoundland Greenland Iceland The Vikings
1000 England The West Indies SPAIN vIRGINIA Came for Asian spices,
but ended up in N. America.
Fed his crew with cod. CAPE FAREWELL Vikings leave Iceland and they begin to explore Greenland and continue to Newfoundland eating cured cod for food on their voyages. John Cabot, 1497 Came for a northern spice
route. Found huge amounts of cod. The Vikings 1011 The Vikings 985 The Vikings 1300's The Basques traveled to what is now America, fished for cod and sold it to the rest of Europe. 1400's Both Columbus and Cabot sailed to the new world in the 1490's Columbus being the first in 1492 and Cabot in 1497. They both explored the new world where they discovered cod. They both came looking for passage to Asia. 1600's John Smith arrived in what is now Virginia in 1606 and founded Jamestown. On the same voyage he named Cape Cod for the high amounts of cod in the water. In 1622 the Puritans arrvied in America for religous freedom, with the intentions of fishing for cod. 1700's The Triangular Trade is set up where cod is fed to slaves that make molasses, which is shipped to Boston, where the molasses is used to make rum. Rum and cod are traded in England for other goods that they didn't have in th colonies. The ships would then sail down to Africa to get slaves, who would be shipped to North America Naumkeag lived here
and fished cod. Columbus originally thought he had discovered a route to Asia, but later figured out that it was a "new world" mouth of St. Lawrence River Jamestown Timeline of Important People and Events Thanks for Watching! The Puritans, 1622 The American revoution,
economically fueled by
New England's salt cod. Sailed to Cape Cod where they could have religious freedom and fish for cod Note: Triangular Trade is actually a misleading term because it is really more of a quadrilateral. The Vikings were the first large group of people to realize that they could make significantly longer voyages because salt cod kept for so long. This is a hugely important event because the Basques were the first ones to introduce cod to the rest of Europe, and therefore opened many doors for explorers by giving them a food that lasted longer than any other food they were aware of. Columbus and Cabot made the Europeans realize that there really was tons more land across the Atlantic that could be settled and had lots of valuable resources, especially cod. These were the very first colonists to establish settlements in America. The pilgrims came for religious freedom, but many other settlers after them came because they knew they could make money in the colonies, especially from fishing cod. Cod was a huge factor in establishing economic freedom from Britain. The triangular trade was hugely important in the lead-up to the Revolutionary War. It was a big part of how the colonists got their goods, which were then taxed. It also used a lot of cod, because it was one of the big products the colonists were selling to England. The American Revolution is probably the most important event in U.S. history. We got our first president out of it. It forced us to establish a completely new way to govern ourselves. It made us a country. It is part of our national identity. Drawing something as huge as this to a fish and saying it is responsible for it might seem like a stretch. But without cod, we would not be who we are today. This fish started our explorations a thousand years ago. It propelled our trade and forced us to expand our horizons. Cod truely is the fish that changed the world.
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