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International Studies

No description

ryan ling

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of International Studies

International Studies
South-East Asia
SEA a a region
SEA as a region
Nathan Ong
Ryan Zachary Koh
Aaron Sia
Ryan ling
Reagan Mah
Are People Better Off?
5. What are the cultural and ethnic differences within the region? How do these cause conflict?
(Nathan Ong)
1. Resources: what resources are different countries dependent on? GDP. HDI, Trade (Reagan Mah, Nathan Ong)
2. Environmental challenges: flooding, haze, building of dams on the Mekong river etc (Ryan Ling)
3. Are people better off? Materially? Culturally?
(Ryan Zachary Koh)
4. What population trends are evident? Birth and death rates, population pyramids
(Aaron Sia)
6. Is SEA even a region? Investment and transport links between nations, nature of relations with China / the Arab world / USA / EU
(Ryan Ling)

Declining Birth Rates
Population Pyramid
Population Growth Rates
Human Development Index(HDI)
- Composite statistic
- life expectancy
- education
- income indices
Gross National Index(GNI)
-Growing at 1.14% per year
-Average Population Change estimated at 80 mil/year
-Annual growth rate is
declining and projected to
-Estimated less than 1%
by 2020
-Estimated less than 0.5%
by 2050

Population aging is now unparallelled

Affects everyone: Different countries, Different stages

will not return to the age of young populations

has many implications on the human race

Environmental Challenges in SEA

1. Severe flooding in Thailand (2011)
- Monsoons affected 65 of 77 provinces
- Affected 13.6 million people
-Clean up: 45.7b USD

2. Slash and burn cycle in Indonesia
- caused haze: stay indoors
- mainly in Sumatra
- Benefits: fertile land and soil,

3. Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines
- Record breaking speeds
- killed over 8000 people
- Damage: 1.5billion
People: The SEA Population

Better off: More favourable circumstances
Than other regions

Areas of improvement:
Industrial success
Human development

World Population Growth
World population: breached 7.06b ( mid-2012)
97 percent are contributed by Developing countries
Developed countries: death rate =/< birth rate
By 2025: developed countries death rate < birth rate
Declining Death Rates
Southeast Asian Economies
-Market value of goods and services
- Indicator of country's standard of living
The majority of Southeast Asian economies are developing ones.
Many Southeast Asian economies are still dependent on agriculture. For example, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos are still dependent on rice
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
The developed nations in Southeast Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia have multi-sector economies tending to have stronger industrial sectors and manufacturing.
Income of local residents

Domestically Internationally
Region: Realm/Sphere--> Activity/Interest
Connectivity: Communication and Links
Separated from
other countries
Has a unique
Land Area of
Relationships in SEA
Rank World Rank Nation GDP
1 18 Indonesia $706,752
2 30 Thailand $318,908
3 37 Malaysia $237,959
4 39 Singapore $222,699
5 45 Philippines $199,591
6 58 Vietnam $103,574
7 76 Burma $45,428
8 116 Brunei $12,371
9 121 Cambodia $11,629
10 137 Laos $6,461
11 176 Timor Leste $628
Dependence on Resources
The Singaporean economy is largely dependent on trade; exports and imports constituted 27.2% of its GDP in 2010.
The Brunei and Timor Leste economies heavily dependent on crude oil and gas production
SEA as a region...
Palm Oil
Trade between SEA and other countries
Raw Materials
Raw Materials
Cultural and Ethnic conflicts in Southeast Asia
Burma (Myanmar)
The Philippines
- 48 Rohingya Muslims
- As a result of "fierece clashes between Buddhist and mudlim communities
- June 2013, attacks between Rohingya and Rakhines (destruction of property)
- Spread
Separatist in Mindanao (where MILF is based)
Jolo: Islam: linked to terrorists
10000s deaths over 40 years
MILF = Moro Islamic Liberation Front
- Split from rebels
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