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Tanita Eam

on 17 November 2009

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Transcript of Scion

Scion &
Generation Y Scion was introduced in June 2003

Grew from approximately 10,000 cars in 2003 to over 170,000 cars in 2006

Sales for Scion fell almost 25% from 2006 to 2007 with increasing competition.

Scion’s turnover rate increased from 20 days in 2005 to 57 days in 2008

Consumers that born between 1982 and 1995

Relies heavily on technologies

Confident, ambitious, and achievement-oriented

Value individualistic and uniqueness

Environmentally concerned
Research Questions 1. Current Scion marketing strategy
Is pure-pricing strategy an appeal to Gen Y?
How familiar is Gen Y with Scion?

2. Gen Y purchasing behavior
What factors influence Gen Y purchasing decision?
How does branding play a role in Gen Y purchasing decision?

3. What does Gen Y look for in a car?
Does a car reflect identity of Gen Y?
Is “environmental friendly” a crucial concern in car purchasing for the Gen Y?

Conducted online through websites and online journal articles.

Online web search included research reports conducted by consulting firms and companies.

Other sources included discussion forums and news blogs and journal articles
Agenda Introduction
Research Questions
Future Research Methodology
Online survey composed of 28 questions

A non-probability sampling method

216 respondents between the age of 18 and 50

86.1 % of the respondents are between 18 to 22 years old

45.7 % were male and 52.8 % were female

Size of market
Gen Y in the market
Growth Trends
- Honda Fit
- Honda Element
- Mini Cooper
- Nissan Cube
- Kia Soul

New Technology & regulatory changes
- Hybrid Technology
- Incentives
- Fuel Economy Standards

Changes in consumers Characteristics of Gen Y
Purchasing decision process
- Involved in search process
- Search virtually
- Sophisticate shoppers
- Craves attention
INTRODUCTION Scion Generation Y Results Secondary Research Primary Research Secondary Research Primary Research ? ? Gen Y consumers are not familiar with Scion

Pure-pricing strategy is not an appeal to Gen Y

Wide use of social networking sites

Factors influencing Gen Y purchasing decision
1. Review of current users
2. Website of the product
3. Recommendation of
friends or family
Importance of brand
Ideal brand
- Stylish
- Durability
- Innovative
Car purchase decision
- Price
- Gas mileage
- Body styling and comfort
A car is an identity of who they are for Gen Y
- Status
- Taste and style

Methods for expressing yourself
- Appearance (hair style, clothing, shoes)

Gen Y value highly of environmentally friendly cars
Increasing the exposure to Gen Y consumers

Promote Scion through online social networking media widely used by Gen Y

Focus its promotional strategies on factors that are important to Gen Y’s purchasing decisions
Conclusion Recommendation “Design your own Scion” Contest
Utilizing the social networking site (Facebook)
Increase exposure among Gen Y
Increase familiarity

Grassroots Marketing Limitation &
Future Research Age group between the age of 18 and 22
Non-probability sample
- Business major students
- Small town in Iowa
Respondents are not currently in the process of purchasing a vehicle
Limitations Future Research Investigate aspects of brands Gen Y is positively associated with
- Nike
- Apple Inc

Research on the hatchback model
Thank you Questions? Introduce an environmentally
friendly campaign
Donation of a vehicle purchase
Car Recyling Program Recommendation
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