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Info Session Presentation

Need to make the business case for social media? This presentation puts a social media spin on "words of wisdom" from some of today's most iconic business figures. Plus, how to get started with social media in 5 easy steps.

Justin Linne

on 1 September 2011

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Transcript of Info Session Presentation

history University of Massachusetts social networking is
more popular than email Phi Sig at U of I Was part of the largest fraternal merger with
Phi Sigma Epsilon in 1985 1995 adopted Special Olympics as National Philanthropy chapters and colonies Coast to Coast
73 active chapters
5 colonies
3,048 active members
100,135 living alumni Big 10 Conference
4 active chapters
2 current expansions
2 future expansions "Innovation distinguishes
between being a leader
and a follower." "I hereby declare My Faith...and in the traditions and program of my Alma Mater” "If undergraduates are the heart of our organization, then our alumni are the backbone" cardinal principals Phi Sigma Kappa Justin Linne Phi Sigma Kappa
DIrector of Expansion/Recruitment
Justin@phisigmakappa.org March 15, 1873 FOUNDING Meets scholarship expectations (3.0 minimum) or campus average, whichever is higher
Shares values and ideals of Phi Sigma Kappa
Willing to meet financial, time and behavior expectations of a Phi Sig at U of I
Currently, or plans to be involved in service or leadership programs on campus
Positive disposition and a team player Phi Sigma Kappa Creed The Golden Rule
Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity Motto Bringing Phi Sig back to Illinois Ferris State University - Eastern Michigan University - Hope College - Western Michigan University - Indiana University - Purdue University - Akron University - University of Dayton - Kent State University - Ball State University - Valpraso University - Northern Illinois University - Southern Illinois University TO PROMOTE BROTHERHOOD TO STIMULATE SCHOLARSHIP TO DEVELOP CHARACTER phi sigma kappa core values DEMAND EXCELLENCE VALUE BROTHERHOOD ABOVE SELF COMMIT TO LIFELONG LEARNING MEET CHALLENGES THROUGH INNOVATION Zillgitt Institute member development Leadership School Regional Conclaves Officer Development and Training Passages Program Letter is sent to area/chapter alumni Pre-expansion visits
2-4 days EXPANSION AND RECRUITMENT Alumni reception/
Adviser training Advertising and Promotions Begin Expansion Begins LEAD STAFF MEMBER 4-5 weeks 2 ADDITIONAL STAFF MEMBERS 2 weeks LEAD STAFF MEMBER 2-3 weeks Colony retreat Officer selection/
colony training BID DAY CHARTERING our focus leadership service personal growth scholarship brotherhood fun past current future and expansions alumni support 4,966 alumni in the state of Illinois FATHER MINIMUM STANDARDS TO BE A PHI SIG Creating traditions and events unique to your chapter
International, regional and local support
International, regional and local leadership programming
Gaining valuable experience that will carry on for years to come
No Pledgeship - having a voice right away
Continued support well after colonization
Leadership and executive positions right away
Ability and freedom to create change and leave your legacy what being FATHER really means "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" Alpha Deuteron Chapter Originally chartered 1910 98 years on campus The Ritual of Initiation has only been changed six times since founding PROUD Unofficial slogan adopted in the 80s National Partnerships 1,130 living alumni from the Alpha Deuteron Chapter Continous recruitment plan Integrate committee structure and function Cornerstones of Excellence Apply for chartering Target timeline - 9 months Attend a national education program $76,120.01 13,581 hours EXPANSION STAFF MEMBER 4-5 weeks DAMN Left campus in 2008 Currently Alpha Xi Delta House
Fall 2013 - Tentative move-in housing FOUNDING PH SIG What will your legacy be?
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