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Cadbury Advertising

No description

Jessica Elsworth

on 11 February 2011

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Transcript of Cadbury Advertising

CADBURY'S CHOCOLATE ADVERTISING 1859 Cadbury's launch of Flake was the first T.V advert. It appeared very seductive and held a large amount of sex appeal for particular. 1900 adverts were based around working men and industrialisation, images showing steam engines and quoting "Makes strong men stronger" Previous to Web 2.0 advertising was based around the social context of the era. 1928 A series of poster campaigns began to use the iconic 'glass and a half' measure of milk. This allowed Cadbury dairy milk to be atruely recognisable brand on the highstreet. The symbol found it's way on to T. ads and wrappers and it's still there today becoming synonymous with Cadbury dairy milk world wide. 1930 Four cinema units toured the country, showing state of the art specially commissioned films in cinemas in town halls. The first full length sound film made for advertising appeared and half a million people saw a Cadbury filmin 1935. Half a million people is only very small to what digital advertising allows today. In the late 30's, dailt comic strips were published in the national press and also in the radio times based on Cadbury. 1955 Commercial television began broadcasting, Cadbury drinking chocolate was one of the very first adverts to appear. Many products were produced in small volumes and weren't really suited for the new medium. 1970's This was the golden age of television advertising with hugely popular Cadbury campaigns. With just one UK commercial channel (way before the invention of computer games and the internet) held the undivided attention of the british public. This was Push media where media institutions determined when and where people watched tv. 1996 Cadbury's sponsorship for coronation street, a total package worth of 10 million pounds. There were cadbury advertisements in the beginning, middle and end of every episode of the popular soap. So a captive audience of 18 millions saw Coronation Street recreated in chocolate. At the time it was amore affective way of reaching the target audience. The strategy was so successful that it kasted 11 years. WEB 2.0 FACEBOOK Sky scraper advertisments are located on facebook pages promoting fans to 'like' the group. There are actual facebook groups which are fan made and it is generally open to anyone on facebook to join. This promotes the companies name. IPHONE APP There is free app for the iphone provided by Cadburys to promote Cadburys cream egg.
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