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Ecological Footprints

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syed altaf

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Ecological Footprints

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Ecological Footprint channel 65
What is an Ecological Footprint:
The Ecological Footprint is a tool used by governments, businesses,and educational institutions to answer a question: How many resources dose it take to for an average human to live .

5 Ways to Become an Effective Environmental Steward
Ecological Footprint
Build a Relationship with the World

Pick a spot in a natural environment near your home such as your backyard, or a near by park or creek.
Visit the spot a few times a week for about 20 minutes.
Try visiting the spot every season.
When you get home, write down what you saw. Maybe plants and/or animals.
Learn about Environmental Issues from Several Resource

It is important to have a clear and educated prospective on any issue.
There is many resources to use. (Books, Internet, and just asking your Friend)

Follow Your Heart and Use Your Natural Gifts

There are thousands of things you can get involved with and do for the environment and only so many hours in a day.
If you burn yourself out or get way to busy you will not be very effective as a environmental steward.
Make a list of all your strengths and passions and make use of them in your path as an environmental steward.
.The more you enjoy what you are doing the more effective you will likely be.
Don't Reinvent the Wheel

A lot of energy can be put into doing activities that have all ready been done or started.
If you have an idea for a local or global stewardship project, do some research and ask around.
When you meet people that have done similar projects, make sure you ask them about things that worked well and things that were challenging or did not work.
Live By Example

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”
It is quite easy to criticize others for the way they live.
Where do I waste energy on a day to day basis?
Change. Be more aware.

How the ecological footprint is measured

The Ecological Footprint measures the amount of biologically productive land and sea area a human activity requires to produce the resources it consumes and absorb the carbon dioxide emissions , and compares this measurement to how much area is available.
Biologically productive land and sea includes area that supports human demand for food, fiber, timber, energy and space for infrastructure and absorbs the carbon dioxide emissions from the human economy. Biologically productive areas include cropland, forest and fishing grounds and dose not include deserts, glaciers and the open ocean.
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