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Continue Mixture Analyses

Day 5

Summer Roland

on 17 July 2014

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Transcript of Continue Mixture Analyses

Day 5 - Continue Mixture Analyses What two substances do we think are in the mystery mixture? #2 (Ascorbic acid + sodium bicarbonate) #6 (Citric acid + sodium bicarbonate) #7 (Citric acid + sodium carbonate) Possibly, * Observe the residues in the well tray, but do not touch any of the substances in the wells. Students in other classes have to study the residues as well in order to figure out which substances are in the mystery mixture. * Study the residue in the mystery-mixture well (well 8) first. Then compare the residues in the other wells to see if you can identify one that is the same as the mystery mixture. * Write your answer to the task at the bottom of the "Mystery-Mixture Summary" sheet. Definitions: Substance - A form of matter that is different from every other form of matter. Chemical reaction - The change that occurs when substances are mixed. New substances form during reactions.
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