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Presentation skills - Mac versus Pc

Why should you choose a Mac over a PC

Laure Legros

on 9 June 2011

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Transcript of Presentation skills - Mac versus Pc

Mac vs PC Presentation Skills Laure Legros Overview Let's try to be objective Presentation of Apple and Macs Why should you get a Mac? Everything started in 1976... When this guy... and a friend started to build computers in their garage At first it looked like this then it got more sophisticated One day, Steve had a really good idea : Why not launch a music player? Today, Apple sells Macs are safe. and reliable Mac users are not targeted by hackers

You do not need a anti-virus protection Macs are cool. Macs design is sleek and stylish.

It is made to last longer.

A Mac lets you be creative Tim Bajarin, President of Creative Strategic Technology :

" The way I look at it is that Pc is still clearly a basic productivity machine. Apple's done a good job positioning the Mac on the creativity side of mind" Macs are convenient Macs can run Windows OS and are compatible with MO files

Macs are part of the Apple range of products

Macs give you access to thousands of apps. PC's Conclusion Macs are better for video editing, webdesign and other cool stuff. PC's are better for gaming, and basic office use like browsing the internet Macs Safety and reliability





Price PCs often freeze and crash. Macs dont.

PCs get viruses. Macs dont. Mac OS Snow Leopard is more stable than Windows 7.
Apple constantly updates the system.

Office vs Iwork?

A Mac is faster than a PC.

PCs have more customization options. Most softwares are designed only for PC's.

Most games do not have a Mac version.

Macs have Apps and the Apple Store. Mac 2. Pc 0. Average Set Up : 44.3s vs 28,7s
Shut down Time : 4s
Internet Browser Launch Time : 3,3s
Adobe Photoshop : 4s vs 5,5s A mac's design is stylish and smart .

A PC is more solid. A PC is more affordable than a Mac Pcs have a wider product range

Macs coordinate with Ipods, Ipads, Iphones.. Mac 4. Pc 1. Mac 5. Pc 3. Mac 6. Pc 4. Mac 7. Pc 5. Mac 7. Pc 6. What Im trying to say is... It's very personal... Once you go Mac, you never go back! Thanks for your attention Average Set Up : 44,3 vs 28.7s
Shut down Time : 4s
Internet Browser Launch Time : 3,3s
Adobe Photoshop : 5,5s vs 4s Apple recently launched...
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