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Copy of Microwaveability

Designing a Microwave for Universal Accessibility

alicia dudek

on 15 March 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Microwaveability

Desk Research Interviews Focus Group Prototype Observations Evaluation New Prototype Blogs Class Projects What We Learned What We Learned What We Did What We Found What We Did What We Found What We Did What We Found What We Learned What We Did What We Found What We Did What We Found People hate microwave interfaces No peer-reviewed published papers
on microwave usability People will improvise interactions to
simplify difficult, complicated interfaces Interview Guide Ethics Approval The scale on the timer
is difficult to read and
understand, and is for
both time and weight One participant cooks
on medium because
high power dries out
the food Never adjusts the power,
always leaves on high Time button
doubles as weight buttons About Our Method About Microwave Usage Interview guides too specific Few people adjusted the power level Too many functions for one button creates confusion About Our Method Hold drop-in sessions Put entire time available
for dropping in on the flier Identify yourself on the flier Send invitations directly to
professors of students of interest Print consent forms larger Make focus groups more event-like Cleaning is an issue Most users use only a few buttons Touch screens are percieved as gross Beer Pizza! Cupcakes Only two variables are adjusted About Microwave Usage
People cupped their hands over
the display in order to read it Almost everyone simply pressed Start,
which adds time in 30 second intervals,
numerous times to set the time People forget to press the start button to start heating something Chatted people up about our prototype Some people wanted function buttons
(baked potato, popcorn) Knobs are difficult for people with
arthritis or dexterity issues Watts should be marked on the scale as
they are important for heating ready-meals Red and green for stop and start buttons are not accessible choices for designing for color-blindness Cleaning such a complicated surface was a concern Curved interior may not be possible to implementt Count down bar is awesome Small group of people would rather enter the exact time and hit start. Microwaveability Designing a universally accessible microwave Alicia
Dudek Heike Betzler Gulzat Alimzhanova Rachel
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