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Andrews Elementary School Library Strategic Plan

LIBR204 Fall 2012 Team 2 Strategic Planning Presentation

Laura Pendleton

on 10 November 2012

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Transcript of Andrews Elementary School Library Strategic Plan

- Lead weekly dialogic storytimes for K-2 students
incorporating Language Arts goals for each grade.

- Conduct weekly book talks for students in
grades 3-6.

- Promote writing opportunities for
students in grades 3-6 and showcase
their writing in the library. Some of the above data collected from
W.C.S.D. Board meeting report, Sept. 4, 2012. GOALS OBJECTIVES... Develop PARTNERSHIPS and
to purchase library books
to enhance the curriculum and
encourage reading
for enjoyment. Goal 2: Goal 1: Support the school district’s goal to increase LANGUAGE ARTS proficiency
for K-6 grade by offering
structured LIBRARY PROGRAMMING. OBJECTIVES... Mission Ensure LEARNING for ALL students through high expectations and QUALITY instruction. We will provide ALL students with the SOCIAL and ACADEMIC skills necessary to be ready for SUCCESS and develop CRITICAL THINKERS who VALUE LEARNING in school and throughout their lives. of
Andrews Elementary School SUCCESS for every student
MOTIVATED students
Staff creates a CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE throughout the school
Academic program incorporates...
CRITICAL THINKING, and an appreciation of DIVERSITY
Teachers committed to professional growth and collaboration
ACTIVE community members and parents Vision All students leave Andrews inspired
and confident in their talents
that will positively impact the future. Demographics City: Whittier, California
Population: 85,331
Area within city: Avocado Heights
Avocado Heights Demographics:
Latino: 78.7%
White: 11%
Asian: 8.5%
Black: 0.7%
Other: 1.1%
Languages spoken: English, Spanish, Vietnamese
Median Age: 30
Male: 48.5% Female: 51.5% School opened: 1966
Grades: K-6
Students: 478
Teachers: 14
Average class size: 34
Library books: 9,000- 10,000
Library staff: 1 (part-time) School Facts - Identify partners for raising funds.

- Increase number of fundraisers. Goal 3: OBJECTIVES... - Teach students how to use online catalog.

- Demonstrate how to search the AR website
& locate AR books in the library.

- Promote online learning resources
& the public library's services Goal 4: Images found at: http://chris.pirillo.com/how-to-introduce-a-child-to-social-media/ and http://theunikum.blogspot.com/2012/03/one-ipad-for-two-users.html Educate students about
focusing on the ONLINE CATALOG,
Accelerated Reader DATABASE, &
learning resources outside the library. Strengths
Books: 9,000 to 10,000 collected since the library's beginning 46 years ago.
Dedicated Supporters and Staff:
- Regained funds for a paid library staff clerk
- 26 years of voluntary support from the Resource
Specialist at Andrew's Elementary School
- Ongoing recruitment of parent volunteers and support
from PTA and Dads' Club
Grant Partnership:
- Wonder of Reading enabled the school library to be
renovated in 2005 Host 2-3 Cultural Literature Nights/
Information Sessions for parents a year. OBJECTIVES... - Help parents celebrate the love of
reading with their children

- Celebrate different ethnic,
cultural, & religious topics

- Host multicultural book
celebration parties Goal 5: Support district's goal of meeting
Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)
targets for English Learners (EL)
& students with disabilities. OBJECTIVES... - Collaborate with specialist teachers
working with EL & Special Ed students

- Implement visual aids for EL students
& students with learning disabilities
or low literacy

- Provide necessary assistive
technology for students Image from http://web.ccesc.k12.oh.us/ccesc/Services/AssistiveTechnology/tabid/69/Default.aspx Image from http://www.sfusd.edu/en/councils-committees/english-learner-advisory-committee.html Image from http://www.deseretnews.com/article/765575460/Common-Core-standards-in-nations-interest.html Image from http://www.vol.org/vol/school/programs/library/ Image from http://www.rbkc.gov.uk/leisureandlibraries/libraries/
childrenslibrary/librarycomputersforchildren.aspx Weaknesses
-Budgetary constraints means less staff hours
Large and young student population:
-The library serves 340 students K-6th grade. Materials and furniture need continual repair due to mishandling and damage Opportunities
New library clerk: Hired recently to bring a new vision and innovation to the school library
Designing a school library webpage: It is a possibility to have a school library website that will provide databases, educational website links, book reviews, and library newsletters

Lack of funding:
-California education system and subsequently public school libraries are getting less monies.
-Tipping funds from Puente Hills landfill ends next year. That will decrease instructional support staff.
Getting funding:
-On already tapped resources in school districts, it is hard to muster up support for school libraries. Vendors
-Half Books, Friends of the Library book fair, Scholastic, and Amazon
-8 other public elementary schools in Whittier City School District, all competing for No Child Left Behind funding
-Many private schools Technological Developments
-iPads in classrooms for students in 4th thru 6th grade
-Alexandria library management software
Legislative and Regulatory Developments
-Measure Z
-Proposition 30 passed
-Whittier City School District Educational
Foundation Image thanks to kk_metro_library_12.jpg Image thanks to kk_metro_library_01.jpg Image taken from Library_Pataskala_008.jpg Image taken from: http://www.articulate.com/rapidelearning/2011/01/ Image taken from: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/0e/Soccer_Youth_Goal_Keeper.jpg Image taken from: http://www.makeachangeforca.com/ "The best way to predict the future is to create it." Peter F. Drucker
(Evans & Ward, 2007, p. 145) from U.S. Census 2010 and L.A. Times Image from http://www.isbe.state.il.us/assessment/reading.htm Image from http://www.beaconfndn.org/ Image from http://www.careforothers.org/partners.php
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