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A Cell of Our Own Making

No description

Deztinee Fernandez

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of A Cell of Our Own Making

"A Cell of Our Own Making" is about how cellphones are exceptionally connected and they are immediately accessible to anybody, anyplace, and anytime.
Cellphones are essentially assuming control over the lives of everybody.
Cellphones can be distracting and generally, something negative will happen at the same time.
Summary of the Article
The Main Idea
The main idea of the article is:

Cellphones are beginning to control every aspect of our lives.
Cellphones are distracting us from our priorities.
Cellphones are now being used in our every day lives (e.g. school, work,friends, family, etc..)
Cellphones are now used for inappropriate sources (e.g. illegal sexual activity, scamming, bullying, and more)
The intended audience to this article are not only to all cell phone users, but more towards students attending school.
As the presence of cellphones are rising in different ages, they're now becoming a problem in our everyday lives.
In a generation that is high tech and presented with easy access towards technology, teens in high school to kids as young as 10 years old are now face to face with cellphones that will most likely distract them from education.
Who are the Intended Audience?
"The inability of large portions of the population to get by without constant telephonic communication has been getting chronic for some time now."
"For centuries, scholars have set in classrooms for hours at a time, unavailable to the outside world, without damage to their private lives."
"Yes, tragedies there have been, in past cellphoneless ages, and I supposed it's real fear that drives us to suckle so hungrily on this particular techno-teat."
"Our troubles now are these of overexposure, of too much communication, of too much that is unimportant, and too little of what truly is."
"More important than any cellphone or internet communication device, is an inner life."
Supporting Details
A Cell of Our Own Making
Moira Farr
The article's tone is in a sarcastic when making the main point.
Article's Tone
Why did the Author Write this Article?
The author wrote this article to teach the audience that cellphones and social media are beginning to take control of our lives.
We are too attached and/or addicted to them.
Negatively affects the emotions.
Increases stress levels.
Compares and contrasts physical communication and communication through the device.
The type of audience that would disagree is teenagers and those who are surrounded with cellular devices on a daily basis.
In this era, adolescents are currently frantically connected to their phone gadgets due to online networking and everything a cell comes with.
One who works with cellphones on a daily basis - businessmen to be exact - may disagree because their phones are the main use when it comes to their jobs.
What Type of Audience Would Disagree?
Can You Connect the Content of this Article to Any Other Text?
The 3 quotes that help establish tone are:
"More than any cellphone...we can all turn into...it's called an inner life...Don't leave home without it" - Paragraph 13-14
"Ahh togetherness... since you witnessed each
other in the flesh" - Paragraph 3
"A certain purveyor... down your neck as you root around in the fridge." - Paragraph 2
Is this Article Limited to the Time Period in Which They Were Written?
No, this article is not limited to the time period
Technology is developing
Everyone will still be attached to their phones
Is This Article Successful at What They Set Out to Accomplish?
The article is provides efficient information that helps the reader understand what is needed to be accomplished.
The reader used a sarcastic way in luring the reader to understand how cellphones are taking our lives into a path full of negativity.
The article sets up reliable sources in helping achieve its main idea. (e.g a student asking for approval in taking off from the lesson being learned in class for a "important call".
The points given overall are seducing and would open ones eyes.

This article by Moira Farr reminds us of a movie.
The documentary is called "Robot Revolution".
The movie is about how one day, robots will be seamlessly integrated into society, assisting in the workplace and home, and able to mirror human
Both article and movie shows the affects of what technology can do to you.
In the article it presents that cellular devices can affect your education negatively.
In the documentary it shows how technology can become very advanced and robots will begin to replace us.
Robot Revolution
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