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long way gone

No description

nancy bogan

on 5 December 2010

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Transcript of long way gone

Double click anywhere & add an idea a long way gone:
memoirs of a boy soldier Ishmael Beah was born in Sierra Leone in 1980.
He was thrust into his country's war when he was
thirteen years old until he was rescued and rehabilitated
by UNICEF. He now lives in NYC and is an advocate
for children in conflict all over the world. Why child soldiers? They are naive and easy to control. They can
also be conditioned to be much more vicious than their adult counterparts. There are an estimated 250,000-300,000 child soldiers serving today. Child soldiers have been used throughout history all over the world. They were used in the American Civil War. The Boy Scouts was originally created as an introduction to military service. In Bolivia, 40% of its army is under 18. It recruits
children as young as 14. In El Salvador, the legal age
to join the govt. army was 12. Other places that have
used child soldiers? China, Cambodia, Vietnam,
Iran, Sudan, Colombia, which recruits soldiers as young
as 8, and Sierra Leone, where Ishmael is from. A Long Way Gone:
Memoirs of a Boy Soldier
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