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What Makes Ares a BAMF

No description

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of What Makes Ares a BAMF

The Birth of War: a flower child?

some mythes say Ares was the son of Zues and Hera
some myths say that Ares was the product of an immaculate birth when Hera touched a magical flower
Childhood Miseries
Area had a messed up childhood
His father Zeus neglected and even hated him
one myth describes Ares,as an infant, being kidnapped and imprisoned in a bronze jar by a giant. Zeus made no attempt to find nor save Ares; the messenger god Hermes finally rescued ares butt this was after years of Ares's imprisonment and nearly going insane.
Ares grew to be more than just War.....
a caring father
he never failled to protect his children and he never neglected them
an honest and devoted lover
he never had to use any tricks, or disguises or kidnapping, or rape to have a woman's heart. and non of them were one-night stands
he IS the man power that defined war
Love and War
Ares' longest and most famous relationship was with the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite
the two were a match meant to be, but because Zeus had married her off to Hephaestus, the two had to meet in secret.
together they had several children
including the young winged god of love, Eros.(Roman name, Cupid)
Ares was the patron god of Sparta
there is a myth that tells that they were created by planting the teeth of Ares' sacred dragon
stop video at 1:57
ares was the patron god of the Spartans
stop video half way trough
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