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Describes Federalism and gives a brief timeline of when different types of federalism were a part of the United States.

Ashley Cross

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Federalism

Establish Public Schools Reserved powers Powers denied to the national government but not specifically denied to the State. Regulate trade & business within the state. Declare War Coin Money Regulate Trade & Business among States Federalism Definition: System in which a written constitution divides the powers of government between a national and several local governments. States National Concurrent Powers 1787-1789 Constitution establishes a system of multilevel balanced government for the United States of America. Timeline of the Evolution of Federalism Today Before there was time. Well, not really... Dual Federalism (1913-1920) •National and State governments have shared powers.
•Designed to create tension
•Maintains boundaries
•Abrupt end Cooperative Federalism (1930s-1970s) *National government forced to cooperate
*Lines were distinct, now blurred
*Federal funds New Federalism (1980s-2001) •President Ronald Reagan
•Introduced block grants
•State power restored
•Federal Government providing block grants Devolution (20th Century) *Transfer power
*State's rights supporters
*Devolution Revolution = big part Conduct Elections Raise and Maintain Armed Forces Collect and Levy Taxes Establish Courts Borrow Money -->
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