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WaDE Project Introduction - Summer 2015

An introduction to the WSWC's WaDE project. This Prezi goes over the project history, how it is envisioned to work, what kinds of data it will provide and why it's so important. It also provides a status update on the WaDE program as of summer 2015.

Sara Larsen

on 24 March 2017

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Transcript of WaDE Project Introduction - Summer 2015

Water Data Exchange
(WaDE) Project

Western States Water Council
Energy and Water in the Western
and Texas Interconnects
Water Data Exchange (WaDE)
What are the Big Picture Goals?
Many Other Partners
Argonne National Lab
Electric Power Research Institute
NREL, INL, Pacific Northwest
Federal agencies, academic researchers, journalists, politicians, utility planners
To better enable the states to share important water data with each other, the public and federal agencies
Improve the sharing of federal data with the
states, to assist their planning efforts
Get a handle on the variability between the states
Developing a common data schema (common format)
Show how the data exchange will work
Encourage other partners to share data by adopting standardized data schemas (such as WaDE or WaterML)
State Capabilities Assessment Workgroup
Methods Workgroup
Data Exchange Template Workgroup
Data Exchange Methods Workgroup

Outreach visits to 15 of the 18 western states...

Build databases with the schema and a prototype mapping interface
How it Works...
What it Provides...
Availability Summary: 7,550 acre-feet
Water Use Summary: 2,850 acre-feet
Water Supply Summary: 24,000 acre-feet
REPORT - 2012 - Summaries
Regulatory Summary:
- Groundwater closed to development
- Minimum instream flow requirements
Allocation Data
- Owner
- Beneficial Use
- Status
- Priority Date
Uses (withdrawal/consumptive)
Return Flows
REPORT - 2012 - Details
FUTURE: Phase I - Get the states plugged in
Phase II - Add federal and hydrologic
measurement data, such as gages,
reservoir heights, snotel, river forecasts, etc.
State Water Agencies
USGS National Water Census
USACE/NOAA/USGS' Integrated Water Resources Science & Services (IWRSS)
DOE & GAO Water/Energy Nexus
EPA Water Quality Studies
Streamgage Data
Basin Budgets & Water Supply Summaries
Water Availability
Water Diversions and Consumptive Use
Allocations (Water Rights/Permits)
Representational State Transfer (REST) Endpoint
Where we are now...
WaDE Version 0.2 schema
WaDE SQL/Postgres Version 0.2
WaDE web services code for Version 0.2 for SQL/Postgres access
RedHat Cloud deployment option
Online documentation to guide the states
Working through data-mapping with individual states and agencies...

Where we are now...
Due to limited state resources WSWC staff agreed to assist states in securing funding for WaDE implementation
There are grants available from USGS to assist with either water program and data development and/or application deployment steps
Some states are deploying without assistance: UT, CO, WY, KS, and NE
ID, WA, OR, TX, OK, SD, NV, and CA are deploying with Exchange Network Grant Assistance
WaDE 2020...
How Does WaDE Fit with Other Data-Sharing Efforts?
Sensor/Measurement Data
Example: Groundwater elevations or streamflow reported using WATERML, GWML, or other...
Data Review & Interpretation
State agency ingests NGWMN data into groundwater models to estimate current aquifer status or water availability - publishes estimate to WaDE
WaDE: Data Aggregation
WaDE assembles estimates from state agencies using common data schema
Sandia & Other Map Applications
Models, maps, planning, coordination, cooperation, visualization.....
WGA, etc.
For more information or to participate:

Check out the 'WaDE' tab!
Or contact Sara Larsen at:
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