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Vocabulary Definitons

No description

caryle capuyan

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of Vocabulary Definitons

VOCABULARY DEFINITIONS Bluff (bluhf) What does bluff mean? Bluff means 1: Very steep 2: A high hill Herd (hurd) What does herd mean? Herd mean like a group of some animal. Mares (mEHrz Mares mean... Mares mean certain kinds of animal females. Milled (mihld) What does Milled mean again? OK, Milled means to move about in a confused manner Mustangs (muhstaNGz) Do you know what mustangs mean? Mustangs are wild horses. Ravine (ruhveen) Ravine means... Did you know ravine means a narrow, deep valley, worn away by water. (sounds scary) Remorse (rihmawrs) What does remorse mean? Remorse means the unhappines that comes with wishing that one had not done something. Skittered (Skituhrd) What does it mean? Skittered means to move lightly or quickly. On `Vocabulary Definitions` , you will learn about what the word is, how do you say it, and the words meaning. Down a steep Hill A herd of geese flying. A mare zebra A sad person :C Question mark ?? Someone inside a ravine After reading this.... Try to study words just in case you will have a test this Friday.. A skittering lizard
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