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A.P. Lang project

Gregory Francis

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of O HELL

"Peering to find where I was -in truth, the lip above the chasm of pain, which holds the din of infinite grief... 'Now we descend into the sighless zone'." Hector King Latinus Plato Born to Priam and Hecuba Mightiest Warrior of Troy Date of Birth unknown Oldest son; heir to the Trojan throne Killed Patroclus, a close companion to Achilles Killed by Achilles in Trojan war Found in Limbo because he was Pagean Son of Odysseus and Circe (goddess of Tyrsenoi) Father of Lavinia who had many suiters King of Latins Recruted exiled Trojan soldiers Prominent in both Greek and Roman mythology She sat beside him in the Inferno. Was the student of Socrates, and mentor of Aristotle A classical Greek philosopher and mathematician Born in 428 BC in Athens Greece. Died Athens in 348 BC Greg was hungry so Hannah made him a sandwich Created by Hannah Reger and Greg Francis
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