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dexter is dexter

callum gubb

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Dexter

a media presentation
Codes and conventions
Crime drama's are different from other TV programs because
Crime drama's are different from other TV shows because they follow different conventions, the conventions of a crime drama include the typical characters, the typical plot, and the setting.
The TV drama I am studying is
Main characters:
Dexter (main crime solver)
Deborah (accomplice)
Lt. Maria LaGuerta (Commanding officer at Miami Metro PD)
'Ice truck killer' (main crime committee)
(the first series)
Time of broadcast: 10pm, sunday

Channel: Showtime
frequency: every 7 days (weekly)
Viewing figures: Dexter used to be
extremely popular with viewing figures
reaching 2.54 million, but as time has gone
on they have dropped slightly like most shows.
Setting: Dexter is set in Miami because it is
known for its violent nature and this fits in
with the plot and it reflects the fact it is a violent show with a sometimes violent main character, a city setting can also result in the availability of more varied characters.
Dexter is represented in a very interesting/unusual
way due to the nature of his character. Because
the personality and the way he acts around other people is mostly fake the viewer has to rely on a
series of narrations from the viewpoint of Dexter himself to understand his true feelings/opinions
about what is going on around him. These narrations
often vary entirely from what he seemingly feels otherwise as he is a very different person from who he mostly claims to be and one of the only people who perhaps slightly understand this is his sister, Deborah.
Dexter of course has a kind of split personality, He puts on being a charming blood splatter analysis when he is really an practically emotionless serial killer/vigilante. This is represented a lot in things they show in the episodes that they wouldn't bother with in a normal crime drama such as the preparation of food and the flossing of his teeth and they focus on the symbol of the knife and the floss which would normally seem completely innocent but represent the cutting of the flesh and the thread used for strangulation, all of the shots of these things are close ups so as to direct the viewers attention. The image of blood is also important as it represents the shows nature as well as Dexter's character as it is vital to his job and one of his pet hates.
Dexter is mostly shown in a full body shot but is also
shown in close up when doing his inner dialogue, often exchanging a little smile with the audience to make it seem as if its a little secret they share with him, this makes the audience more engaged by his character as the show is very much focused on Dexter's character and his reaction to the crimes committed rather than the plot itself. Dexter is mostly shown at a fair distance from the characters he is interacting with as this creates the effect that he is distant from the people in himself and that they are of little importance to him, it also directs the viewers attention to Dexter's interesting character as he is much more important in the plot and program than the other characters.
Part 2
Synergy & brand
I have created a storyboard for a trailer and a website that are linked by the same tv crime drama. This synergy is created by the inclusion of the same themes and characters as both feature many images of London and full body shots of the main characters. They will also both have the same logo's such as the Alibi logo (the major uk crime channel my show is broadcast on.) They both also contain the same murky colours and images.
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