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Sabancı Conference

No description

andrew bosson

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of Sabancı Conference

Assessment Student view done to them a threat anxiety something to get through branding as failures link to my mind map of the presentation for more detail http://www.mindmeister.com/maps/show/86184547 Changing Minds Christine Coombe English: a game or responsibility? "English is a not a privilege but a necessity" "Learning doesn't have to be hard" "It is the duty of the educators to be creative. This can change young peoples lives." being a responsibility makes it difficult for the learners. knowledge of culture is important Music Films Exams Low grades are demotivating If the focus is to pass exams this leads to more studying and less learning. Solar Eclipse The importance of method and technique on language learning The Learners experience of English langugae education in schools http://languagetesting.info/ A good website for all assessment information Based on direct translation Too much emphasis on grammar and memorisation Too much emphasis on mistakes leads to - Speaking is either ignored or discouraged unrealistic grammar rules Reading lessons Word for word translation Unsuccessful "We failed to learn the language!" Writing Lessons Learned to think in Turkish then translate Thinking to specifically about grammar restricts creativity Unreal tasks & irrelevant topics Listening translation into Turkish as listening Speaking Very little learner-to-learner interaction Lessons teacher centred & 'authoritorial' Effectiveness of student's use of laptops There was little opportunity to practice Student suggestions to improve teaching and learning Involve the learners in syllabus design in theory they should be positive and empowering... "What is the first word that comes to mind when you say "laptop"?" 7 - internet, 2 technology, interaction, entertainment "For the purpose of entertainemnt what do you do with your laptop outside the class?"? 97.4% - check e-mails, 89.7 listen to music, watch fims 89.7%, chat 87.2%, visit facebook 82.1% (research 1 year old) homework 100%, online dictionaries 92%, CMS 80%, links sent by teachers 72%, research and preparatio nfor presentation 65% "How do you use the laptop for learning?" "What advice would you give to new prep students about using laptops? Do homework, visit SUcourse, use it as a dictionary What motivates them to use the laptop to learn Internet connection, teachers - homework, dictionaries "How can teachers help learners use Laptops for learning?" Teachers to send links becuse they can judge the relevance Homework - involving internet based research More soft-copy materials to support learning. a survey of students at Sabancı University in 2009 found... lack of motivation feel that teachers do not understand the learners Projects:
- are complex tasks
- should be realistic How can teaching eclipse possible learning? Utilises MovieMaker Learners work together to create a video about "places to see before you die? This was finally to be incorporated into a class blog. More realistic communication activities More games but with clear aims (No aim - no game!) More skills and oral work Two great presentations from learners. A recurring theme was that lessons often felt like punishment, made students hate the language and obviously demotivating. So if we wish for a transformative experience to change our learners schemata and personal scripts regarding themselves as learners, their view of teachers and of learning we must understand their current state of mind. Meltem Çelik & Serra Dıptaş Cemre Mavioğju Howard Gardner Okan Bölükbaş Joe Pereira the box = the classroom and doesn't allow learning as it could be learned outside. Inauthentic language and teacher dominated even with evolution of learning. Scared to talk / not to be humiliated Video games can provide "realistic" learning environments social skills group management reflexes etc strategies & cognitive skills for life Features of video games for learning - immersion in environment
- Embodied
- Situated (in realistic contxt)
- Learning by doing
- Flow
- Fun Cognitive processes
- multi-dimensional visual-spatial skills
- inductive discovery
- ability to focus on several things at once
- Metacognitive strategies (pre-planning for learning) - trial and error leads to reflection Language Learning
-multimodal options
- subtitles
- online games - chat & voice, collaborative language interaction
-stimulates interest beyond game eg read blogs, chat, magazines Virtual Worlds Second life
World of Warcraft (game) Just JING it Second life
- not a game
- social
socio-constructivist - Community of Practice (learning from others)
- Can build, own and sell objects
- Can simulate real world
- Customise identity socialising BBC second life languge quizzes
- Socialise in English
- Language content and culturl knowledge are by products
- have to collaborate to solve puzzles Virtual teaching / instruction
- distance or blended learning
can situate language in real contexts (eg shops)
- lots of interactive features Using Digital Movie projects in ESL classes Alternate reality games
- fictitous
- also real-world problems Playing and learning outside the box Interactive Fiction 9.05 A short example Advantages - puzzles require knowlege of language and situation
- stealth learning
- Cognitive skills Vs Content
- Situated learning (learn at the moment in the context)
- Flow - meaning rather than meaning
- process rather than product
- thought provoking
- meaninful and memorable context for new vocab
-prroote imagination Reading comprehension
- every word needs to be considered
- will need a dictionary
- to complete puzzles need to use knowledge from the text so far
- games have goal to be achieved. variety of interactions
- autonomous (at home)
- whole class
- pair / group practice listening & speaking depending on groupings - negotaion skills etc In class - pre & post reading activities Web-sites for IF:


Need to download interpreter - "Gargoyle" Joe Pereira me - creating this Prezi during Joe's presentation Jing is a web-based tool to capture what you are showing on your computer screen & provide narration Here is my first attempt at using it. It shows you how to get to the website and dowload the software. http://screencast.com/t/SMngozWESs 1. Reason We can explain why people should change but this is often not enough to foster real change. 2. Research 3. Resonance 4. Redescription 5. Reward & Punishment 6. Real-world events 7. Resistence described 7 levers to encourage change It is important to "be on the same page".
Teachers and learners must feel comforatble with each other. Certain ideas are important to know and central to education We must present the same information in different ways We can reach more students This also demomstrates what it means to understand - to be able to express the same information or ideas in different ways. Why? We use them - grades etc but there is no point if learners do not internalise the learning from tests etc. May change behaviour but not attitudes. Behaviour often disappears once the punishment & reward is removed. Real-world events are uncontrollable but we should use them to our advantage.
We should use them to engage our learners. We often spend too much time trying to change people's minds without thinking why they may be resistent to change. Everyone has current beliefs - must understand these and why they may not want to change their opinions the conference blog http://www.eclipsingexpectations.com./ Conference Blog: http://www.eclipsingexpectations.com./ http://twitter.com/#!/EclipsingX Conference Twitter: We can teach but does this mean the students will really learn?
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