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SAD Project

No description

John Queally

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of SAD Project

The Band of the Fighting Irish
Personnel System Kyle Hagelskamp, Student, University of Notre Dame
Marissa Henry, Student, University of Notre Dame
Ryan Gamboa, Student, University of Notre Dame
John Queally, Student, University of Notre Dame KMRJ Consulting LLC Background on the Band The Band consists of approximately 380 students
5 Assistant Directors, 1 Director, 2 Adminsitrative Employees
Performs at every home football game and multiple away
games during the year
Helps set the tone of game day
It is the oldest band in continuous existence in the United States first playing at the graduation ceremony in 1846
Known for its monogram ND formation, the Notre Dame Victory March, and the famed Irish Guard
Background on Systems Managed through multiple Excel spreadsheets
Online forms are printed out then entered
into Excel manually
Multiple versions of spreadsheets are used
No continuity through staff
Our system allows data to be centralized and
remain current

Project Scope Design a system that allows for online entry for auditioning members and current members
Keep all graduating members in an Alumni data store
Provide rosters to different departments in Student Affairs
Store information on current and auditioning members
Generate mailing lists for newsletters for alumni and parents
Generate lists of students assigned to uniforms and instruments
Level 0 DFD Context DFD ER Diagram 1 - Gather Prospective Member Info
2 - Prepare Band Camp Roster
3 - Update ORLH
4 - Prepare Season Roster
5 - Instrument Distribution
6 - Uniform Distribution
7 - Alumni Management
8 - Parent Newsletter Process Legend Our System Designed using Oracle Database software
Allows all data to be centralized to cut down on multiple spreadsheets (greatly reduces inconsistencies found in current system)
Is user friendly and reduces manual entry by assistants
Will save time during the beginning of the season when organizing prospective members and returning members into the season's band Decomposition Diagram and now to the system
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