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Eddie's B-Day's

Language Arts project on Eddie's birthdays from the story The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom

Sydney Marie

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Eddie's B-Day's

Sydney Moncher & Mia Williams Eddie's Birth Eddie's 5th Birthday Eddie's 7th Birthday Eddie's 8th Birthday Eddie's cousins show up and then Joe makes a public announcement about Eddie meeting the love of his life. Eddie's father smoking, waits for his child. The nurse comes in calling his name, but mispronounces it. Nurse shows him the baby and the father and son share a moment. At Ruby Pier with family and friends for Eddie's b-day party. Eddie receives a new baseball. Eddie & Joe are playing when Eddie throws to hard and it goes across the street. He ends up in the freak show people's tent and they end up getting lecture. Eddie is whining about having to go to a "stranger's" funeral on his birthday. Eddie's 17th Birthday Eddie's Birthdays Inference:
Eddie has immigrant parents. Inference:
Eddie's father doesn't always give him enough attention, but his mother is very caring. Inference:
This signifies that Eddie has always been the stronger child even though Joe is older. This was the Blue Man's funeral it shows that Eddie really did "meet/see" the Blue Man. Inference:
This was the Blue Man's funeral it shows that Eddie really did "meet/see" the Blue Man. Inference:
Eddie reveals that he's maturing and there's a difference between the behavior towards him from his mom and dad. Eddie's 21st Birthday Eddie's family and friends are throwing him
a farewell party. Marguerite shows up and wishes him the best of luck, explaining she'll be there when he comes back. Inference:
This indicates that his family will really miss him and that Marguerite will await for his arrival. Eddie's 24th Birthday Eddie is in the hospital because of his
burns from war, so his family and friends
bring him a cake. Inference:
Eddie's father doesn't care about him because when Eddie looks at his father, his father looks away so Eddie tries to hold back tears. Eddie's 33rd Birthday Eddie wakes up having the same dream, their last day at war. He follows his normal routine. Inference:
This indicates that the war has made a huge impact on his life and hasn't left him after all these years. Eddie's 37th Birthday Eddie's having breakfast with his friend Noel.
They talk about an amusement
park accident in Brighton and then decide
to head up to that amusement park. Inference: Eddie starts to become a little more social and is starting to get out more. Eddie's 38th Birthday While Joe and Eddie are in the maintenance shop, Marguerite comes in asking for Eddie. A group of kids are waiting outside and they sing happy birthday. Inference:
This indicates that Marguerite enjoys kids because she acts so well when she is with kids. Eddie's 39th Birthday Eddie and Noel go to a horse race and bet on horses. Eddie ends up winning $800. Marguerite gets into an accident. Inference:Eddie wanted to get out for
his birthday and was excited, but when
Marguerite got in the car accident he
felt guilty. Eddie's 51st Birthday It's Eddie's first birthday without Marguerite. He does nothing special and just goes to work. Inference: We believe that Eddie won't do anything special on his future birthdays. Due to Marguerite's death. Eddie's 60th Birthday He goes to work early and attaches a piece of bologna to the hook, but it eventually goes away. Inference: Eddie acts like the day is normal and not a special occasion. Eddie's 68th Birthday Eddie takes his pills then his brother calls him and talks about his new condominium. Inference: Eddie rather be left alone because while his brother talks he just says "uh-huh and doesn't talk about how he is feeling. He acts like he cares, but doesn't. Eddie's 75th Birthday Eddie goes to work and checks some maintenance papers. He has to fix the Squiggly Wiggly Worm's brake panel. Eddie's 82nd birthday Eddie takes a taxi to the cemetery. He visits his mother's, father's brother's and wife's grave. He thinks about taffy which reminds him of Marguerite. Inference: Eddie acts likes it's a regular day and doesn't do ANYTHING for his birthday. Inference: Eddie finds it respectful to at least take time for his father, mother, and brother, but he really just wants to spend time at Maguerite's
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