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A cleverly animated Prezi about the production of chocolate...

Bearfoot Graphics

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Chocolate

Green pods sprout from
Cocoa Tree
, turning
orange when ripe and
ready to be hand-picked
Cocoa Pod
is cut with a machete, revealing the
Cocoa beans
, surrounded by white pulp
The contents of the
pod are left to ferment
in a bed of banana leaves for 5 - 8 days
Cocoa Beans

are left to dry in the
sun, this can take
up to a week

Cocoa Beans
are poured into hessian sacks, ready to be transported to factories across the world
Cocoa Beans
exported around the
globe on cargo ships
Cocoa Producing Nations
The Côte d'Ivoire produces
of the worlds cocoa
Largest Importers
Netherlands (20.6%)
USA (18.5%)
Malaysia (10.8%)
Germany (8.3%)
Belgium (6.0 %)
France (4.7%)
UK (4.2%)
Spain (2.4%)
Cocoa Beans
are roasted (the temperature and method varies amongst chocolatiers)
The now hardened shells are removed, leaving behind
Cocoa Butter
which are
ready for refining
The refining process differs between chocolatiers and chocolate type.
Generally a
is used to mix
the content of the
Cocoa Bean
back together into a smooth, thick liquid
and often sugar is added at this point
The main body of the
spins along with two wheels to ensure the smoothest blend possible
The chocolate is poured into a mould and left to set- the final stage in the chocolate making process
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