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Copy of Copy of Back to School!

2013 Parent Night 2013 - Final

Andrea Spence

on 18 August 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Back to School!

It's going to be a fabulous year!
Thanks for coming!
8th Grade
Welcome to
Before you leave:
Sign in
Pick up information handouts
• Regular
• Perfect (twice)
• Memory (twice)
Parent Communication
Homework /Late Work Policy
Detention Policy
Dress Code
8th Grade Final Exemption Policy
30 Hours of Community Service

Barry Bynum email: bbynum@graceschool.org
Andrea Spence email: aspence@graceschool.org
Debbie Fait email: dfait@graceschool.org
Linsey Bové email: lbove@graceschool.org

The United States Through Industrialism
This class will provide students with a study of America’s past from the formation of our government and Our Constitution through the growth of America and the second Industrial Revolution. We will learn about our past and the first Constitution…The Articles of Confederation. We will study the War of 1812, Manifest Destiny, the Civil War and more…We will also fine-tune our geography skills, research skills, and writing skills. We will analyze historical documents, be involved with project based learning and show off our creative skills.

What We Do in Class
Geography Challenge
Preview Chapter
ISN – Interactive Student Notebooks
Group Activity - Bring History Alive
Processing Activities
Timeline Challenge
Extra Credit

Homework - Note Taking
Tests and Retest Program
Tutorial Program
• Monday - Pre-Algebra Begin at 7 AM
• Tuesday - Algebra
• Wednesday - Pre-Algebra
• Thursday - Algebra
• Friday - retest for all students who completed retest tutoring

• Warm Up
• Evaluate homework and discuss concerns
• Lesson – new or extension (notes, examples, hands on activity, graphing, measuring, …)
• Assignment (practice for mastery and retention)
• Assessment

Typical Day in Mathematics
High School Exam Preparation
• Cracking the SSAT & ISEE 2017, The Princeton Review
(ISBN 978-1-101-91973-6)

8th Grade Pre-Algebra/ Algebra
GIST Notes
Cornell Notes
Student Choice

Integrated Physics and Chemistry
Students will be introduced to the basic principles of chemistry and physics. They will learn about the structure of matter at the molecular level, write chemical equations, balance them, and be able to identify types of equations. Students will learn how to use the Periodic Table of Elements as a reference tool.
What we do...
Students will learn about the principles of physics, the laws of motion, as well as speed, velocity, acceleration, kinetic energy, and more, then apply these to real life situations.
Science LAB
The students will refine their scientific investigation skills through lab experiments performed every Friday, followed by a lab report. These lab reports are due the following Tuesday and are a quiz grade. In addition, students will perform frequent hands-on activities to reinforce concepts. Models and projects will also be included as part of this course.
Tests are given every 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the unit being studied. A study guide will be provided prior to all tests.
 Short Stories
 Persuasion
 Expository
 Poetry
 Literary Analysis

 Short Stories
 Poetry


And Then There Were None
Holocaust Literature
The Odyssey
Independent Reading
Annotation & Analysis

Reading :
Literary terms
Personal Dictionaries
Find it in your reading; try it in your writing!

Find it in your reading; try it in your writing!

Important Classroom Details
Retake Policy
Extra Credit Opportunity
Teacher Website
Decades projects will begin in class in March
Record research on a Personal Google Website
Costume- Dressed in Chosen Character
2 Artifacts from decade
Project Board
English : Research paper
3 minute Speech with Prezi

Living Museum
Massey Tucker
May 5, 2017

Monday - Christian Studies
Tuesday- Christian Studies
Wednesday - Chapel
Thursday - Walking with Christ
Friday- Assembly
Christian Studies
Yearbook Reminders :
8th Grade Spotlight Pages

Look for White Envelope
8th Grade Photo Shoot
white shirts, no logos with jeans…if they want to change afterward they have to change into uniform.
Ordering Yearbooks and Personal Ads
Preparation sessions will be held the in October during Christian Studies.
Most Importantly:
Weebly - bovegrace.weebly.com
Remind 101
Read Like a Writer...
A typical day in ELA...

Google Classroom
Literary Detectives!
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